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Amazing places to visit in October In India

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October is probably one of the most awaited months of the year. The balmy skies, pleasant weather, falling temperatures, and receding monsoons, coupled with the right number of Diwali and Dusherra holidays, make it the perfect season to travel in India. Those looking for places to visit in India in October will be spoilt for choice, owing to the huge number of options. Because compiling a list of all possible places to visit in India in October is almost impossible, here’s a list of twelve off-the-track places to visit this year:

1. Champaner-Pavagadh Archeological Park, Gujarat: A UNESCO world heritage site, this highly underrated park is spread over a massive area of 3,280 acres. Dotted with palaces, mosques, temples, tombs, agricultural structures and step wells, this park is a true reflection of the resplendent beauty of Indian culture and architecture, and shows the influence of Hinduism, Islam, and Jainism on the art and architecture of the region. The pleasant weather in October makes it one of the best places to visit in October in India.

Photos of Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, Champaner, Gujarat, India 1/1 by Tripoto

2. Patan, Gujarat: A recent entrant into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, the intricately sculptured Rani ki Vav is a major attraction for History enthusiasts in Patan. The fortified town of Patan has lot more to offer apart from the step well, in the form of forts, Hindu and Jain temples, and the exquisite hand woven Patola sarees. Passed along generations as a tradition, there’s only one family that weaves these highly priced sarees in Sadvi Vada today, where one can watch the intricate weaving in person. This otherwise hot and dry region remains pleasant in October, and hence remains one of the best places to visit in October in India.

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3. Pattadakal, Karnataka: Pattadakal, another world heritage site, was the capital of the Chalukya dynasty and is home to many of the temples built by the Chalukyas between the 6th and 8th centuries. Known for its architectural diversity, this town has temples built both in the Dravidian and Nagara styles of temple architecture. Those fond of Hampi, can include the historic town of Pattadakal in their list of places to visit in October in India this year.

Photos of Pattadakal, Karnataka, India 1/1 by Tripoto

Courtesy: Karnataka spider

4. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu: One of the oldest cities in India, Mahabalipuram is famous for its cave temples, stone carved sculptures, and monuments, that are typical of Pallava art and Dravidian architecture. The shore temple that is cut out of granite rock, overlooks the shores of the Bay of Bengal, and offers a breathtaking view during sunrise and sunset. If you're looking for historic as well as naturally beautiful places to visit in October in India, then Mahabalipuram is for you.

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5. Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu: The unoccupied ghost town of Dhanushkodi, is located close to Rameshwaram, and the two locations together make for an ideal trip. After soaking in the cultural and spiritual heritage at Rameshwaram, one can head to the idyllic beaches of Dhanushkodi. The untouched virgin beaches, mild weather, and the clear blue skies make Dhanushkodi one of the best places to visit in October in India.

Photos of Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu, India 1/1 by Tripoto

Courtesy: Matrubhumi

6. Paapi Kondalu, Andhra Pradesh: One of the most underrated and well-hidden destinations, a cruise along the river Godavari is a must for nature lovers. Located in the pristine East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, one can reach Paapi Hills either through Rajahmundry or Badhrachalam. The river winds and curves its way along the Paapi Hills, surrounding travelers with clear blue skies above, deep blue waters below, and lush greenery on all sides. The several halts along the way at ancient temples and tribal villages give one time to explore the surroundings. One can also opt for a night halt by the banks of the river Godavari in bamboo huts in Kolluru village. If you’re looking at exploring underrated and untouched places to visit in India in October this year, then Paapi Hills is the place for you.

Photos of Papikondalu, Kolluru, Andhra Pradesh, India 1/1 by Tripoto

Courtesy: Punnami

7. Sai Sanctuary, Karnataka: For people who feel at home in the midst of nature, this is the best place to visit in India in October this year. The only private sanctuary in India, Sai Sanctuary is an inspiration for nature lovers in more ways than one. Started by a couple who bought 300 acres of dry barren land over the years and converted it into a full- fledged forest, it is now home to several species of birds, plants, and animals native to the region. The sanctuary provides eco-tourist cottages for people who want to get up, close, and personal with nature.

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Courtesy: Sai Sanctuary

8. Pondicherry and Auroville, Tamil Nadu: Known for its French style architecture, cafes, and beaches, Pondicherry is the perfect place for those looking for a quiet, laidback vacation. Around 15 kms from Pondicherry lays Auroville, an experimental township/community which houses people of over 50 nationalities, who follow the teachings of Sri Aurobindo. Close by is also the Sadhna forest, a community that aims to restore the tropical dry evergreen forest that is native to the region. This otherwise hot and humid region remains pleasant in winter, and is hence one of the best places to visit in October in India.

Photos of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India 1/1 by Tripoto

Courtesy: Pondicherry Car

9. Majuli and Kaziranga, Assam: Located not too far from each other, Majuli and Kaziranga make for an ideal trip together. Known for being the largest freshwater river island in the world, Majuli is 4 hours away from Kaziranga and is marked by clean white sand, and calm blue waters. The Kaziranga National Park, home to two thirds of the world’s single horned rhinos is a treat for wildlife enthusiasts. An elephant ride and a jeep safari that take visitors deep into the sanctuary are a must.

Photos of Majuli Island, Goalabari No.1, Assam, India 1/1 by Tripoto

Courtest: Toehold

10. Athirapally Falls, Kerala: Who can forget the breathtaking visuals from the movie Raavan? One trip to the falls is enough to realize why filmmakers rush here to shoot scenic sequences. Following a picturesque ride from Chalakudi railway station/Kochi, travelers are further mesmerized by the sheer volume and beauty of the falls. Fondly referred to as the Niagara of India, Athirapally is a place that makes you feel infinitesimally small in front of Mother Nature. The lush greenery, gigantic falls, and the soothing calmness make Athirapally a must in the list of places to visit in India in October.

Photos of Athirapally Waterfalls, Pariyaram, Kerala, India 1/1 by Tripoto

Courtesy: Nem and Shailei

11. Landsdowne, Uttarakhand: Named after a Viceroy, Landsdowne is one of the quietest and most unspoiled hill stations in India, and is perfect for people looking for a quiet getaway away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi. Thanks to the quaint British style colonial architecture, walking along the lanes and by lanes takes you back in time.

Photos of Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, India 1/1 by Tripoto

Courtesy: Our Garhwal

12. Ganapatipule, Maharasthra: Ganapatipule is an ideal location for beach bums looking for places other than the crowded beaches of Goa and Gokarna. Tucked away from the populist tourist crowd along the Konkan coast, Ganapatipule offers some stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

Photos of Ganpatipule Beach, Ganpati Pule, Maharashtra, India 1/1 by Tripoto

Courtesy: Ganapatipule

Other than these destinations, If you have always wanted to visit Rajasthan, now is the best time. You could also plan a trip to Hampi, Nainital or even Darjeeling. All you need is a plan and a week off from work. Planning a family trip during this month is also advisable. Take a few risks and travel to offbeat places, too. The best places to visit in October are not necessarily the most popular. Take a journey off the beaten path. . So which beautiful place do you plan to visit in October in India this year?

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