Spring Equinox in Tulum


The spring equinox is an astronomical event that travelers and tourists associate with the archaeological site of Chichen Itza in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

All this because of the extraordinary astro-archeological event of the descent of the feathered serpent from the top of one of its most impressive temples, in a phenomenon of shadows that occurs right on the equinoxes. But this natural wonder is experienced with similar interest in many other pre-Columbian sites of the national territory. In the following we will recommend a visit to the archaeological site of Tulum, to welcome spring during the equinox.

The rising of the sun in the spring equinox is manifested in Tulum just behind the building called El Castillo, while the sunset on the same day, March 21, happens just over the exit door in the west of this archaeological site of the Mayan culture.

The phenomenon of the equinox was of great symbolic and religious importance for numerous cultures of Ancient Mexico, since it indicated the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and therefore in the structures, temples and pyramids of several pre-Columbian sites located in the Yucatan Peninsula were oriented according to the position of different stars of the firmament.

Tulum, that formidable group of Mayan vestiges raised on a great cliff in front of the Caribbean Sea, in the Quintana Roo coasts, reveals the way in which the pre-Columbian cultures used the technology they had available to understand the link that the stars of the firmament had with our planet. In this sense, for the Maya and the Aztecs, for example, the Sun and Venus played a decisive role in the creation of calendars for planting, harvesting and celebrations of the different gods.

In the Yucatan peninsula, the pre-Columbian Maya invested a lot of resources and time in the study of the stars and the mathematics they revealed in their particular movements in the sky. All this resulted in the construction of large buildings that reveal the position of the most important celestial bodies throughout the year. This is the case of Chichen Itza, Dzibilchaltun and Tulum.

Tulum is located about 130 kilometers south of Cancun and is an authentic cultural, archaeological and historical jewel in the Riviera Maya, on the coast of Quintana Roo. It is a place that is still growing and thanks to it, thousands of businessmen invest in Tulum. Are you ready to know it, are you ready to invest in Tulum?