Paradise on majestic Himalayas: Tawang

17th Oct 2018
Photo of Paradise on majestic Himalayas: Tawang by Wandering Boots

Tawang culture has clear imprint of Tibetans and the Buddhist way of life. Tawang has number of monastery which is also known as Gompas. TThe natives celebrate three main festivals namely, Torgya, Lossar and Choekhor harvest. The Monpas dance pan and are pantomime dances and celebrate the festivals with gaiety. The place is dependent on tourism and their occupation is basically shifting and permanent cultivation. The staple food of Tawang is Zan, a flat bread served with meat or vegetables.

How to Reach

1. Airport: The nearest airport to reach Tawang is Salonibari Airport in Tezpur, Assam, located at a distance of 317 km from Tawang.

2. Road/Train: Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati is located 480 km from Tawang and is connected to all the major cities in India.

Popular place in Tawang

1. Dolma Lhakang Lumla Tawang: Lumla Dolma Lhakhang:-A huge statue of Jetsun Dolma (TARA DEVI)with prayer hall underneath. It is located at Lumla about 45 Kms from Tawang on way to Gorzam Chorten stupa.

Day 1

2. CHAGZAM BRIDGE:- Tangton Gyalpo, a disciple of first Dalai Lama, popularly known as Lama Chag-Zam Wangpo (1385-1464) was an architect, Philosopher and an Iron chain bridge builder. He is credited to have built more than 100 iron bridges all over Himalayan region. During 1420-1430 he built the bridge over Tawang-chu river to make a passage through Kitpi and Mukto. The bridge that exemplifies the finest metallurgy is about 25 Kms away from the town.

3. GORZAM CHORTEN ZEMITHANG:- The sky looming high stupa about 92 Km from Tawang was constructed by Lama Prathar from Kharman village in Zemithang, in 13th Century A.D.

Day 2

4. Nuranang Waterfall Jang, Tawang: One can visit the famous phong- phongma waterfall about 40 Km drive from ovation for those visiting this place

5. War Memorial Tawang:- The War Memorial is at a distance of 1 Km from the town. A beautiful Stupa is built in memory of the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives in 1962 Sino-Indian war.

Day 3

6. Tawang monastery

The Monastery is the second biggest and oldest in Asia and is known as the Tawang Ganden Namgyal Lhatse i.e., the celestial paradise of divine site chosen by the horse was founded by Merag Lodroe Gyamtso in the year 1680-81.

Popular dishes : include Gyapa Khazi, momo and thukpa. The Monpas are a creative lot and are skilled in wood carving, Thangka painting, carpet making and weaving.

Best Hotel:

1. Hotel Gakyi Khang Zhang

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