That Blue Tent

Photo of That Blue Tent 1/5 by Varnika

"I walked the path of mindless desires, an array of materialistic dreams and I ask myself for what? When I am absolutely content in a blue tent."

Camping is a way of lifestyle that helps you appreciate things which you never give a damn about like water availability not just to drink but to wash hands forget taking a bath. Spend a night in a tent and you would ask yourself why did I chose to sleep late or cut my sleeping hours when I could easily stretch to 9 hours of dreamy escapes? Isn't it easy for us to throw-away the food we don't like just leave it for the dump-yard! Live in a tent for a day and you would enjoy eating just plain boiled rice or a bowl of Maggi. When it is a piece of cake to just flush away your day's menaces! Try doing it in a mud pot and cover it with stones or mud and then you would know what is the meaning of 'Bare necessities'

Most surprising of all,

That I could carry it,

That I could bear the


Why did I take so much pain? Why was I so excited to do all this? What made me convince my friends to do it like any other holiday? What was I thinking? Was I even prepared to do all this?

Ok let's just say I wanted to break the monotony and explore the lesser known. I just knew I had to achieve this milestone in life to be able to feel the exhilaration. It was an urge to explore something in me which I don't know. I had to put an end to a feeling which I don't want to live with throughout my life. I knew this was not something out of the ordinary that I was doing, many people do it for some it is the way of life, whom we call the nomads. Neither was I climbing the Everest that it was such a big deal, but it mattered somehow it did and only because I was trapped in routine.

Photo of That Blue Tent 2/5 by Varnika

My Sherpa was right when he said 'koi toh story hai', Sikander knew we were there to make a story for our life.

We reached our destination where we had decided to camp around late afternoon and as the evening changed colors to what left was a black canvas with diamonds painted on it, the chilly weather had made its move too. The temperatures were dropping and we started layering ourselves and lit a bonfire making ourselves comfortable in the open air.

Photo of That Blue Tent 3/5 by Varnika

We sat outside the tent the entire evening welcoming dusk in its mightiest beauty. Slowing progressing to a starry night with the sky as clear as the eye could see, wondering how lucky we were to be able to make a connection with the sky and everything that fills it.

The thoughts in our minds condensing with the music the mountains were playing. Joy and contentment was what we could feel around us swirling from one tent to another. As we bid goodnight to each other we were eagerly waiting for the morning to arrive.

Photo of That Blue Tent 4/5 by Varnika

Encapsulation of all that happened last night was brought together with the morning glory wherein I welcomed the sun at its pace making a picturesque entry from the back of the mountain and believe it or not nothing could have been as heart-warming and joyful as watching the sun bring the warmth which had become the need of the hour for us.

Photo of That Blue Tent 5/5 by Varnika

In the end I would just say certain things are meant to be experienced even though it might be the hardest thing you would do at that time but it's totally worth it. Maybe you would just explore something in yourself that you thought never existed or you would just make the bond stronger with the ones you took the journey and most importantly you would make long lasting memories...


This post was originally published on Julley Trails.