The best casino destinations to travel to around the world

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While online casinos have become incredibly popular across the world today, there’s just something about visiting a brick and mortar casino that will never be quite the same. From the lavish scenes of casinos in Monte Carlo, to the glitz and glam of Las Vegas or the bright lights and big games in Macau.

While being portrayed in many movies throughout the years, Hollywood has glamorised casinos and given them the reputation they enjoy today. Fans of movies like James Bond or Oceans 11 can visit the casinos in real life to get a glimpse of where the action went down. Not only that, brick and mortar casinos offer a lively and vibrant atmosphere like no other.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best casino destinations across the world.

Las Vegas, USA

Beginning with the most famous of them all, Las Vegas is popular with people from all across the world. With a reputation as the city that never sleeps, Vegas is popular for special occasions and casino trips with friends or couples who are looking for adventure.

Vegas has over 70 different casinos on offer, in which the main four mile strip that’s famously known as ‘the stretch’ is where all the action takes place. On the stretch, visitors can find famous hotel and casino resorts including Caesars Palace, where celebrity guests have included the likes of Rod Stewart, Sir Elton John and Celine Dion. The casino has also played backdrop to a range of well known movies, from Iron Man to The Hangover, Rocky III and Rain Man.

Other famous casinos in Vegas include the Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas, The Venetian and Paris Las Vegas to name a few. For those that have a trip planned to Vegas but cannot wait to get in on the action, Virgin Games have a huge variety of online casino games that will prepare players for the live action.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

For those that prefer to leave the bright lights and opt for the historic glitz and glam of the 1920’s, Monte Carlo sets the scene. Monte Carlo is home to many of the world’s rich and famous, in which the casino scene is incredibly classy and with some very high stakes.

Many of Monte Carlos casinos were built in the 19th century, in which the classic buildings and grand architecture reflect this. One thing to note is that most casinos in Monte Carlo have very strict dress codes with suits usually mandatory. Therefore, visitors should dress to impress and be aware of the stakes while planning your visit.

Some of the best casinos and casino resorts in Monte Carlo include the Casino de Monte Carlo, Casino Cafe de Paris, and the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. The Casino de Monte Carlo is the most famous of them all with in which the entertainment complex features a casino, opera house, and the famous office, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo.

Macau, China

Considered as the Vegas of the east, Macau is the only place in China where casino gaming is allowed. Today, Macau is competing as the top casino destination in the world, with more money being spent on casino games there than any other location.

The casino industry is a significant part of the Macau economy. According to statistics, the gaming economy generates over 40% of GDP in Macau, while 58,225 people are employed by the industry.

In addition, one of the largest casinos in the world can also be found here. The Venetian Casino Macau is operated by Sands China, in which the design was modelled on it’s sister casino - The Venetian, in Las Vegas, USA. The Venetian Macao features 980,000 square metres of floor space, 640 gaming tables and 1,760 slot machines, making it definitely worth a visit.

In addition to Macau’s casinos, visitors can also visit the iconic giant panda pavilion, stroll around Macau’s historic centre that dates back to colonial Portuguese times and is an UNESCO heritage site, visit the ruins of St Pauls, or watch an iconic show at the City of Dreams.

South Africa

South Africa is home to some of the most luxurious casino resorts in the world. Not only do visitors benefit from the fantastic climate, sandy beaches and iconic culture, but also some fantastic entertainment venues. Some of the most famous casinos and resorts in South Africa include GrandWest Casino, SunCoast hotel and casino, the Boardwalk hotel, and probably most famous of them all, the Sun City resort.

Sun City is situated on the border of the Pilanesberg National Park in which it is embedded amongst a canopy of greenery. Opening in 1979, Sun City is just two hours from the city of Johannesburg, making it a very reachable destination for visitors who can also enjoy nearby safaris and world famous surfing.

As for the Sun City casino, having recently undergone refurbishment, the casino offers a huge array of classic casino games, from online slots to poker, roulette and much more.

Overall, these word class destinations prove that there’s still life left in brick and mortar casinos. While online casinos are changing the face of the industry, there’s something about the atmosphere of real life casinos which will never seem to fade.