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The Best of Shanghai
Duration: 6 Days
Expenditure $ 1000

Reviving its golden days in the 1930s, Shanghai is grabbing the world’s attention again as the most dynamic metropolis in China. From the jaw-dropping skyscrapers in Lujiazui to numerous cosy cafés in the French Concession, this is where East meets West, traditional meets modern, and the grassroots coexist with the luxurious in harmony. Whether you’re a backpacker or a jet-setter, you can always find what suits you best.

The joys of Shanghai, instead, are on the street level, where everyday life unfolds with bewildering variety. An elderly woman in pajamas will be chopping vegetables on the stoop of her lane-house, while a Prada-clad beauty will sashay past on her way to a nearby art gallery. So sharpen your elbows, pick up a pair of chopsticks and dig in.

One of the city's go-to retail and shopping corridors. Lined with branded stores and high-end boutiques, this is a megalomaniac's dream walk. Venture for a stroll here on a nice day while sipping on Iced Green Tea sold on many street-shops or catch a movie at the Cathay Theatre at the intersection with Maoming Lu.
Photos of Huaihai Middle Rd, Huaihai Middle Rd, Shanghai, China 1/2 by Isabelle
Photos of Huaihai Middle Rd, Huaihai Middle Rd, Shanghai, China 2/2 by Isabelle
Shanghai’s only fully functioning temple and monastery is also its largest and oldest. The temple consists of four main halls housing numerous statues of Buddha and his disciples. A nice spot to escape the breakneck city vibe.
Photos of 中国上海市上海徐汇区龙华路Longhua Temple & Pagoda 1/1 by Isabelle
A world-class shopping experience in an electric street snaking between huge malls and 5-star hotels. Visit this street at dusk and walk towards Waitan (The Bund) for awesome views of the Shanghai skyline just as night sets in.
Photos of Nanjing Dong Lu, Nanjing East Road, Shanghai, China 1/1 by Isabelle
One of the most distinct building in the world and the Shanghai skyline, the Oriental Pearl Tower houses many restaurants and observation decks with interesting views over the Huangpu river.
Photos of Oriental Pearl Tower 1/1 by Isabelle
One of the busiest areas in the city, People's Square is home to multiple museums, cafes, and People's Park (Shanghai's Central Park). Visit for a taste of local life and group dances in the park.
Photos of People's Square, Shanghai, China 1/1 by Isabelle
Very close to People's Square, this museum, housed in an old building, is home to some of the best fine art on display in Shanghai.
Photos of Shanghai Art Museum, Nanjing Xi Lu, 1515 Nanjing West Road, Jing'an, Shanghai, China 1/1 by Isabelle
The Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery exhibits an array of Chinese art, from sculptures and oil on canvas to traditional Chinese paintings.
Photos of Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery 1/1 by Isabelle
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