'The Goat Village' - Really a Village stay or a Failure?

Photo of 'The Goat Village' - Really a Village stay or a Failure? by Somya Rakshit

So let me brief you a little bit about my first impression of Kanatal - 'is this where I am supposed to be, literally no tourist to be seen, no economic stays around.' The only thing that held me strong here was a beautiful view of the Chaukhamba range. After examining whatever minimum stay options available I decided to stay in 'The Goat Village' which has successfully made it through to my list of worst experiences in terms of management. So let me explain to you guys, why!

I was standing some 1.5-2km away from Google map location of the stay + 1.5km downhill trek. So a total of 3-4km. To get better clarity, I called upon the number provided by them which usually is received by its owner named Vandana. As soon as she received my call, I said 'Hello, Ma'am. This side Somya. I guess we had a talk last week about my arrival today.' (Before I could even complete) She started shouting like WHY DIDNT U BOOK THE STAY IN ADVANCE? WE HAVEN'T GOT THE AMOUNT FOR YOUR STAY, SO HOW CAN WE ALLOW YOU TO STAY? I replied, 'Ma'am, I talked with you last week about my plans so I have reached here but can you guide me about the route?' But the lady instead of knowing that I was traveling solo and I was standing somewhere at an unknown point, was only bothered about the payment not made beforehand. Like really, was that even necessary? They have very precisely mentioned on their site that we believe in a traveler's mindset and all that bullshit (literally). Finally, talking to some 3-4 people and taking help of one of them I managed to reach the stay. Oh, yes! I didn't have any other option. Because I was still hoping the stay and its neighborhood to be compensation for the same. Once I reached there, at first sight, I found the property to be average. Rooms were constructed in a way, to give a village feel, let me introduce you to a new type of village life today; western toilets, washbasin, luxurious double bed cot with mattresses and bedside tables, dining table and chairs, sofa set, English breakfast, a glass house at the property. Oh ya, rooms were brown in color, no water for even washing your ass after shit, and no electricity if you feel like charging your phone for once. For me, it failed miserably to even fall in any category, be it a village feel, hostel or whatsoever.

Amount??? For a night? Let me shock you - 2650 (excluding food) and this is a DISCOUNTED price!

On an informative note, Kanatal gives you 4-5 stay options. Club Mahindra is one of them, going to be really heavy on your pocket. And a few other, including camps.

But if you are still planning to come to The Goat Village, let me tell you-you should be ready to pay that much amount in exchange for 180 degrees view of Chaukhamba range and a cup of tea at their glass house. Nothing else, literally! Mind you,only if you are lucky enough, you get 'clear' view of the range.

Photo of 'The Goat Village' - Really a Village stay or a Failure? 1/1 by Somya Rakshit
The Glass House (if it really matters)

Ok, this was just about my experience of The Goat Village, Kanatal. But does that means Kanatal is not worth visiting? Or 'Chaukhamba range', is that all about Kanatal? Let me give you one dedicated blog for Kanatal!

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To everyone showing their interest in my blog, I want to thank you all. Consider this blog just a feedback from a traveler to many other travelers. Criticising my blog or me is not going to make me delete it anyway. It will be right here and will be read by anyone who wants to. Let people decide. Please don't do business here.
Thu 05 23 19, 17:04 · Reply · Report
Dear Somya, I also read your replies on the comments by readers criticizing this article and sad to see the kind of language you're using while communicating with utmost strangers. :-) Being Grammar Nazi is so 2011. Being compassionate (to oneself, first), open minded, and then trying to understand the various socio-economic realities people work and operate in the tourism industry, particularly in the rural canvas of India, is the new thing which bloggers and influencers need to learn. Peace. (Response 3, ends).
Thu 05 23 19, 13:14 · Reply (1) · Report
Really good to know, 'tourism industries' like you are working towards providing a better living quality to people in rural parts. I sincerely hope that you guys are doing it with utmost responsibility. It's easy to criticise for me , you or anyone but nobody knows what one is actually up to sitting on the other side of the screen.
Thu 05 23 19, 16:53 · Report
Dear Vandana, Kudos for raising your voice. You're representing a community of people including me and various others who are forced to shut up because of people like these and their so called influence on digital media. I'd been writing on and off on Tripoto and it's an open platform where anybody can post blogs and thankfully, anybody can raise their voice without being a blogger, just like you, me and many others ! :-) (Response 2, continued).
Thu 05 23 19, 13:09 · Reply (1) · Report
Every single thing I have mentioned in my blog is my honest opinion about the place. I have failed to understand what makes you victimise yourself in such way. This is just a traveler's opinion which she wants to spread to the world about what to expect when going to the place. Let people decide whether they want to visit or not. It is very strange about the kind of statistics and replies you guys are coming up with. Your replies not at all relatable. It is quite evident from your replies how smartly business is being discussed here.
Thu 05 23 19, 16:59 · Report
After having read this piece, I was so keen on knowing the other side from the host. I run a home stay and I have learnt the hard way, how to say NO to these kind of bloggers, or rather 'aspiring travellers', who would just need good pictures to make their Instagram feed look fancy, and then to grab complimentary stays, they'd brag to write about you/ your property and if you don't get down on your knees and treat them like VIPs or the so called 'influencers', they'd threaten you to write negative by pin-pointing everything and converting bits into flaws. (Response 1, continued)
Thu 05 23 19, 13:08 · Reply (4) · Report
If you have read my blog and replies of the team well, you can definitely understand that neither the team nor I have mentioned anywhere that the goat village or TGV escape is a homestay. so please don't drag homestays here. Real homestays are really surreal. Homestays are more about building a family instead business (money).
Thu 05 23 19, 16:44 · Report
on a serious note, you really don't understand the meaning and value of a homestay. Every 'aspiring' traveler or 'instagrammer' like me would say that by your replies. Personally, I don't care much about what travelers like me would think but the quality and impression you are giving about homestays.
Thu 05 23 19, 16:42 · Report
Instead of just trying to make this whole story look in your favour, it would have been really helpful if you guys concentrated more on improving your service. But I understand you run a homestay and your writing skills shows that you might not have enough resources in your homestay. (just a sarcasm) .
Thu 05 23 19, 16:40 · Report
First of all, I don't owe you any explanation. But to make sure that you have better knowledge, I want to tell you that The Goat Village , Kanatal isn't my first 'homestay', not my first trip either. Believe me, never have I tried to get free stays. It is really sad to about the kind of travelers you are mentioning here. May be you haven't met the write ones yet. But I can understand, world is not the same for everyone. I guess you have seen the negatives more than the positives.
Thu 05 23 19, 16:37 · Report
With what incredible HUMILITY these people have taken this criticism, ganging up against the blogger was just the right way to go about it.This itself shows the mentality and your eagerness to improve. Carry on with it and you'll need substantially more people to reply on the future blogs coming your way across the platforms. #learntoswallowcriticism
Mon 05 20 19, 20:39 · Reply (1) · Report
Thanku for your support. I am sure there are many others who support me stand against such hypocrite.
Tue 05 21 19, 11:03 · Report
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