“The Oriental Rendezvous”


It is time to spend some days exploring the Numerous cultural and historical heritages of one of the most beautiful places on the Indian subcontinent – the East India. So get ready to walk through the hidden treasures of this part of the country.


  • Best time to visit: October – April (Winter and Spring), considering this is the most festive period of the year for the people in the East.
  • Winter climate: Days are usually sunny and pleasant. But at night the temperature falls down to 8-10 degrees (Celsius). So a few warm clothes will come in handy.

Points To Be Noted:

  • Kaziranga National Park - Open from 15th October until the 30th of April. There are no elephant or jeep safaris between May and the first half of October. Instead, boat safaris will be offered during these months. During the months that the Kaziranga National Park is closed, we can to explore the shores of the Park on the expedition boats. During the peak winter season, from mid-December to mid-February, the itinerary will be adjusted according to daylight hours as the M.V. Mahabaahu does not sail during darkness. In order to provide for full coverage of the Kaziranga National Park during these winter months, we will not visit BishwanathGhat. During the first half of October and May, the Park has a “Partially Open” status. This means that the Park will be open but all roads may not be navigable, as they work to restore them to pre-monsoon standards.
  • River cruising in this part of the world is an adventurous experience. Our voyage is an expedition-style cruise with all creature comforts on-board. Our onshore staff will make every effort to attend to your comfort during onshore expeditions. However, vehicles and roads may not be of the same standard that you have experienced elsewhere, although we use the best of what is available locally.
  • Victoria Memorial in Kolkata remains closed on Mondays.
  • This itinerary is subject to weather and river conditions. The Captain/Cruise Director reserves the right to adjust the itinerary for passenger safety and comfort. The Brahmaputra River is subject to seasonal fluctuations. Islands and sand bars can appear and disappear between one sailing and the next. Also, being one of the highest precipitation zones in the world, our program is subject to weather and river conditions.
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