They said "Don't marry! Save money and travel"

16th Jul 2020
Photo of They said "Don't marry! Save money and travel" by #musings

Well..! That's the most cliche saying and we all read it somewhere. Travelling alone is fine but not marrying in order to save money? Clearly, people have forgotten the true essence of travelling. It was never meant to be done alone. The sole purpose of travelling is primarily to build social relationships by discovering new cultures, learning and growing together.

When we normalise such pattern of thinking, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we are the most depressed, void generation till date with no emotional depth. Hence the best we can do if we are  mentally strong is sit in a corner and cry, if not, physically harm ourselves and in some cases even attempt suicide coz there's nobody we can run to when we are emotionally exhausted. Although we maintain a calm exterior yet we have an ocean roaring inside of us, emotions we are even afraid to acknowledge to ourselves, having nobody to share the highs and lows of life with.

When we look at the prior generations, we see people who were considerably a lot more content as they had somebody who was emotionally available, standing by their side as a rock. Families were happier. Depression was considered a myth back then. They had close knitted families to support them through thick and thin. Now, families again were a result of marriage so if people back then thought like most of us, not marrying and saving money to travel, we wouldn't have been there in the first place. Lol! So rather save money and save lots of it for the sake of travelling! Ever wondered why those childhood vacations and trips we took with our family made us so happy back then coz we explored together! What stops you now! Go ahead and explore with your better half, your family and friends. Trust me it would be more fun that way! :)