Things to do in Jaipur


No one but a true wanderer at heart can know what a new place has to offer. Often, it’s the little things that stay with us, like the smell of fresh flowers, the intoxicating odour of new rains on the ground, the finely landscaped gardens, or the little coffee shop at the corner and its lovely staff.

Such little insights float aplenty in the Pink City of Jaipur, situated in the culturally rich state of Rajasthan.

Well connected to every big city around India and a lot of byways from Rural, remote areas, Jaipur is a town worth exploring if you’re looking for an old-fashioned chimney in a modern house!

Well decked in contemporary Rajput architecture infused with the aura and charm of Mughal era, this city laden in Pink will take your wanderlust places!

While you’re here, taking in the seductive breath of adventure in Jaipur, we bring you some of the best things you should do in this city.

Photo of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by HippoCabs

Take an Elephant Ride, quick!- An elephant ride at Amber fort is perhaps the reason behind most of the foreign visits in Jaipur. Needless to say, it excites the child in us to sit and ride slowly atop a giant elephant in a peculiar rhythm. Go for this ride especially if you have kids in tow. Never will you forget or even try to, this wonderful experience.

Marvel at the exotic scenery at the Jal Mahal- This palatial fort in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake is a picturesque wonder on its own. The scenic, awe worthy view it offers travellers entails a high off of life, and is totally worth a proper stop. Do visit the palace for the view of your life!

Explore the mouth watering taste of Rajasthani Cuisine- Jaipur is home to plenty of folk restaurants, including the 7 star Chokhi Dhani and a lot others, that offer a hungry traveller a gamut of interesting, delicious choices to satiate their hunger. From Daal Bati Churma, the staple Rajasthani dish, to Litti Chokha and Laal Maas, Jaipur has it all!

Shop to your heart’s content- Jaipur is a famous stop for shopaholics of all kinds, too. Explore the lively local marketplace to find an exclusive range of lovely, well crafted handicrafts and khadi textiles. The buy is cheap and endurable for masses, and generally will offer you a better bargain than the Sarojini Market.

Attend the JLF- If you find yourself in Jaipur in late January or early february, make sure to attend the Jaipur Literature festival where you’ll bask in the wisdom endowed words of literary giants from around the world. Each year, this festival has seen major highlights from known and reputable writers and journalists, each one at the top of their game. Do visit to open new vistas for your personal emotional growth.

Explore the happening night life of Jaipur- If you want to see the happiness of a city, you have to take a whiff of its night scene. Get in the groove of Jaipur’s flourishing night life with pubs and discotheques such as 100% Rock Bar & Restaurant, Dragon Bar & Terrace Lounge, Grunge, Cocoa House, and Restro Foresto.

Visit Albert Hall Museum- This Victorian building has a giant treasure trove of Modern and ancient Rajputana history, which a history fad should really visit.The varied and assorted art pieces with a deep historical venerence is sure to entrap history lovers and adventure seekers.

Take a fulfilling trek in Nahargarh and Jaigarh for the backpacker in you. These hill palaces will surely mesmerize you and the memories you make in the rocky valleys here will stay with you for years to come.

Visit the Hawa Mahal- The Hawa Mahal is a palace laden with gorgeously designed and detailed windows, also known as “Jharokhas”. The windy palace was meant to safeguard the royal ladies from the outsiders. It’s a must visit for every backpacker to discover the wonder this land of the Rajputs has to offer!

Enjoy flying kites- The occasion of Sakranti is famous for its savory preparations, such as Til ke Laddu, gajak and the best of all is the kite flying festival, relished equally by the kids and adults as well as aged folk. This is surely a festival you will remember for long.

Besides these you can explore a lot of places and sights Jaipur backs its tourism on. Visit these once for sure, and make your Jaipur trip memorable. To help you with planning your Jaipur trip, Hippo Cabs is here with a splendid plan for your visit here. Book a cab with us, and rest assured that this trip will bring you plenty of joy and memories.

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