Things to know before Travelling to Leh Ladakh

16th Aug 2021
Photo of Pangong Lake by Jackson Aishwarya

Note - Taking Full Day Rest and getting properly Acclimatized will prevent acute Mountain Sickness.


The Valley has a far reach of Postpaid BSNL and AIRTEL Connection.

The Data Network is defined to 2G Network.

Kargil, Zanskar, Nubra and Pangong have only BSNL Network with Postpaid card.


Headaches due to the lesser amount of oxygen on higher altitudes is common so make sure you carry Saradon or any other pain reliever tablets.

Carry Diamox if you aren’t allergic to Sulphur drugs (helps reduce some of the symptoms Of AMS) and Medicines for Fever, Stomach Ache, Cold and Cough Syrup.

Carry ample Water for two days and keep it topped up. Keep packets of Electrolyte Solution handy.

Avoiding heavy food as well as fruits and adopting a light and healthy diet is recommended.

Store and drink water in good capacity to escape Motion sickness and dizziness.


Sunscreen Lotion (High SPF) 

Sunglasses (Goggles)

First Aid Kit 


 T - Shirts 


A Separate Bag for Used Clothes

Eateries (Chocolates, Biscuits and Nuts) 

Camera (Advisable)

A Roll of Toilet Paper 

A Hand Sanitizer

Waterproof and Light Weighted Jackets, Waterproof Pants, Waterproof Shoes and Hand Gloves (For Bikers)

Light Weighted Shawl/ Blanket (Optional) Power Bank

Lip Balm 

Face Mask

RTPCR Report

Photo of Turtuk by Jackson Aishwarya


Loading the Wallet with Cash is highly suitable. Due to the lack of ATMs Cash Exhaustion and Long Queues Might seem gloomy.

Incidental Purchases are preferred in Cash.


The summers in Ladakh witness a Pleasant Temperature and Climate. The peak Summer Months from Mid-June to September have a Mild Weather and therefore single T- shirts or Shirts can do during the day and a warm clothing during the Night.

Unexpected things can take a way due to drastic fluctuations in the weather so it is advisable to keep a pair of Woollen Clothing with you as the temperature May dip as low as 5 degrees any time even during summer Months. During July and August, the Maximum temperature can rise up from 20 to 35 degree Celsius.


Care should be taken to take the Permission before clicking Photographs of any Person or Monument / Monastery as ‘PHOTOGRAPHY IS PROHIBITED’ at some places.

Do take Water Bottles, Water Purification Pills, Energy Drinks and Eating Items along with you.

‘DON’T USE PLASTIC’ for carrying stuff as plastic is officially Banned in Ladakh.

Beware of the Highly Sensitive Ecology of the region and Make sure not to disturb Wildlife while Travelling.

Avoid consuming Liquor and Smoking.


Don't forget to load your Wallets with a Photographed Identity Proof.

Passport being the best option. (Aadhar Card, Driving License too have validation)

Multiple Photocopies of the Driving License, PUC, Insurance, Vehicle Registration papers and PAN, Voter-id Card or Passport Might come handy.

Everything in hand would get an easy go through from the Military checkpoints.