Checklist for Backpacking Thailand

18th Jan 2017
Photo of Thailand by NIKHIL JAIN

Most of the people get confused what to pack and what not to pack while backpacking. I can say it because I went through this phase for my first trip and to save some of your time I have listed out few things especially while backpacking Thailand since I have been there. Pack your bag as light as possible and leave as much space as you can.

Do not carry much of T-shirts, shirts since they are quite cheap in Asia and you can get those at every corner of the road. Jeans, Shoes are a strict no while backpacking Thailand. You will feel quite odd seeing yourself in Jeans and shoes while people around you carry themselves in a T-shirt and a flip-flop.

1. Light Backpack

This is the most important thing which most people neglect. But, do carry a bag which is lighter and according to your need. A 25 liters backpack will easily get you through 30 days. You can either get these bags online or you can search your local market. If possible then do buy those having side and top handles. Trust me it will really help you especially while searching for hostels in case if you haven’t booked one. QUECHUA offers some good quality backpack

2. Waterproof backpack cover

This is a life saver especially during monsoon. You never know when you are traveling and that sudden rain can really turn off your plans and damage your bag and thus resulting in soaking your clothes and other stuff in water. Even if it’s not monsoon then it can protect your bag from the damage especially in trains and buses. Choose a good quality light weight cover.

3. Travel Insurance

Most of the people think they don’t need a travel insurance. I agree!! but then what if some accident or injury happens. Getting a treatment there is quite expensive so its better to carry an insurance. Do get insurance which covers Hospitalization expense, Flight delay, Medical evacuation, trip cancellation, etc. Also make sure your insurance cover loss of check in baggage and loss of passport since you would be in Thailand and would be partying most of the time so there is a huge chance of your passport getting lost.

4. Flight Tickets

It is always better to book your flights well in advance maybe two or three months before your trip because it will get expensive while getting closer to your time of flight. You can always get some good deal with many flight booking apps and especially when you’re traveling to Thailand then go for AirAsia or Thai airways. They are way cheaper than other flights. Just compare the rates from different sites and apps online and make the best out of deals.

5. Local conveyance

Thailand is an easy country to travel. Bus and ferry are the best and only source of commuting from one place to other. You buy a complete ticket which will cover bus or ferry or both. Go for Lomprayah ferry, it’s the best ferry i have ride on. You can book online on also.

6. Passport

Make sure you carry a valid passport and do carry it in a passport cover since it will protect it from getting damaged and also some space to put your tickets and some money too.

7. Scan copy of all the documents

This is the most important thing to do. Make sure you have taken photos your passport, driving license, Identity cards, Credit and Debit cards, your bank statement and all the important numbers of your emergency and have stored in your cellphone and email accounts. You never know in what situation you can get into and lose your stuff and thereby in those trouble situations these scanned documents can prove to be your lifeline

8. Medicines

Make sure you carry all your medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Also some medicines for headaches, fever, cough and cold as per advised by the physician. I would strongly recommend you to carry band aids, savlon and betadine because while on a beach you are highly prone to get a cut or abrasion from stones, etc.

9. Travel Cubes

Oh! these are an absolute bliss when it comes to unpacking and repacking your clothes. These travel cubes you can find it online and can save your time to quite an extent. You can group your clothes in four or five travel cubes depending on your choice and can quickly unpack and repack according to your need. It can save your time searching for your clothes in backpack. Your bag becomes a mess after few days of backpacking but if you have got your clothes sorted out in different cubes then life becomes easy while traveling.

10. Ziplock bags

These are quite essential for you to carry various things which includes some munchies, even wet undergarments or any other thing. So do carry them with yourself.

11. Shave kit/ Washroom kit

Carry all your toiletries, cosmetic in this small packed bag. I find these kind of bags equally helpful for both men and women especially while travelling.

12. Travel Wallet

Oh man! this is something which should be there in every traveler’s backpack. Which is the thing that worries you most while traveling in other country? You got that right. Its your passport and what if I tell you that the only way to keep it safe is to carry around your neck. You can buy yourself a waterproof travel wallet which will not only be your passport carrier but you can put some money, your cards and even your mobile phone. Isn’t is amazing!!

13. Lonely Planet

This will be a kind of souvenir for you. I strongly recommend you to purchase a lonely planet of whichever place you are going. Trust me it is a life saver for all the travelers where you can find each and everything about that place right from place to stay, food to eat, hostels, sights to see, information about the local transport and everything. Personally I would recommend you to purchase the latest edition and you can explore any place for yourself. When I went for my first solo trip to Thailand, Lonely planet acted almost like my personal guide.

14. Mobile Apps

You have arrived at some location without even booking a hostel or hotel and now you are wondering where to find a descent accommodation with best value deals. Don’t worry with the technology advancement and wide range of mobile applications you can just take a chill and search as per your need. Do install apps like Hostelworld, Agoda,, Couchsurfing ( in case if you are looking to find a host in another country who can accommodate you at his/her place), airbnb and last and very important one google maps.

15. Windcheater

Carry it with yourself and you will realize how useful was it in your whole trip. Sometimes you have to wait at airports for a long time and trust me airports in Thailand are quite chilled so do carry a windcheater with yourself. Even while taking a ride on ferry sometimes you may feel cold and water splash might completely wash you. So do carry it with yourself

16. Sun scream and mosquito repellent

It’s Thailand baby and who does not want to get tanned. You are relaxing yourself at the beach with cool wind blowing around and sun shining right along with it and you feel like sitting along beach sipping beer and getting tanned. Apply lot of sun scream. This came in useful while taking a ferry ride like Lomprayah where you do not want to get stranded inside it rather go out on the deck and enjoy the view and get tanned. I did this all the time and trust me it felt amazing.

While on a beach and even in some hostels you find many mosquitoes biting you frequently and so just to avoid that do carry a mosquito repellent.

17. Tissues, Wipes, Moisturizer

Well no need to explain this as these are often used by us while traveling.

18. Selfie Stick

Who does not want to take some cool selfies especially while traveling and so your friend called selfie stick comes handy. A gem of a product.

19. Power bank

You probably won’t find time to charge your phone or selfie stick or other things. This is where power bank comes in handy. Do buy a genuine quality power bank with maximum mAh.

20. Camera

This is travelers best friend especially for those who loves photography. Nikon or Canon whatever you got just don’t forget to add in your backpack. Trust me Thailand is beautiful and you want to capture every moment, every scene beautifully whether it’s a sunset or a sunrise or a view-point, or whatever be, photos you take will be breathtaking and surely will inspire you to travel more.

21. Condoms

Boom Boom Thailand!! You are in Thailand and there are every chances that you will get involve in sex and nothing more will spoil your mood except for not having condom at the right time. What i read from other articles is that condoms produced in Thailand are not of good quality, so just to be cautious and carry it with you. Even if they are of good quality, you won’t find it around 3 AM in the morning where you are drunk AF and you got a partner to get laid. So carry it with you always.

22. Luggage Lock

Do not take this for granted as it is a very important stuff to carry especially when you are staying in a hostel. Most of the hostels in Thailand ask you to bring your own lock with you. They provide you with lockers but they do not give you locks. So please don’t forget to add this in your checklist. Instead carry two.

23. Sunglasses

Always carry a pair of nice sunglasses while traveling. Not only it saves your eyes from sun rays but you look pretty cool too.

24. Swimwear

Carry a pair of your swimwear while on a trip to Thailand. While doing Island hopping you get yourself involved in various water activities, so always carry a nice swimwear.

25. Torch and Swiss knife

When you are traveling alone this might come in handy. When you are trekking torch becomes a useful equipment since you don’t want to waste you cellphone’s battery on this. Swiss knife comes in handy while opening some can or maybe your lock might get stuck up or any other thing can happen. Do check the airport laws before carrying it with you. Now airports have granted permission to carry a Swiss knife but with certain specifications. Do check it.

26. Money related issue

Do carry a travel card. Now firstly if you people are wondering what a travel card is, let me save you some time. A travel card is just like a prepaid debit card which we use while traveling to other countries. Let me explain you how this works. You go to your bank and ask for a travel card. You tell them how much money you want to put it in your card and they can upload one or several currencies into that card. Advantage of a travel card is that you get favorable exchange rate at your convenience and also it saves some amount on currency conversion fees.

If you are not having a travel card then make sure you have international debit card/Credit card and you have informed your bank well in advance that you will be using it in other countries. Keeping security issues in mind some bank block your transaction without prior information to them.

27. Munchies

Thailand is a paradise for non vegetarian and sea food lovers. It’s almost like you will have a foodgasm. But for vegetarians its hell. Being a vegetarian I can totally relate to that. I found it difficult for myself having a vegetarian food but fortunately I was carrying some dry fruits and protein bars which saved me on many occasions.

Dry fruits, protein bar becomes quiet essential for your diet especially when you are a veggie. Every time I was out there for Island hopping these satiate my hunger totally. So always carry some munchies with you.

28. Clothes

Pack as light as possible. Forget your jeans and boots at your home. Carry light T-shirts, Shorts, Hats, Flip flop. Don’t bother to carry your shoes, they wont be necessary. But you can go for sneakers or hiking shoes just in case you go for some hiking.

Well I tried to cover each and everything just to save you from some trouble. I just hope this post will come in handy for you.

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