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Rohith T V
Turtuk is 90 kms away from Hundar and it takes one day to visit Turtuk and return back. Generally people planning to visit Turtuk stay an extra day at Hundar.Activities to do in Nubra
Rohith T V
Turtuk is a small village close to LoC (Line of Control) bordering with Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK). Post independence in 1947, this village came under the control of Pakistan. But later in Indo-Pak war in 1971 India recaptured this strategic point. Turtuk is one of the gateways of Siachen Glacier which is the most important strategic point for Indian Army and it is heavily guarded despite the harsh climatic conditions.
Jeevan Jyoti Jena
Diskit ->turtuk ->diskit(90*2 km )Again a new morning ,new day ,and a new destination Turtuk ,this is the last village of India before Pakistan.
(Day-6) Rode to Turtuk from Diskit approx 90kms. Well, they say this is the last village of India beyond which you can’t travel. I didn’t find it very exciting since, I have already visited Wagah Border.But yes, holding our ‘Tri-Colour’ high and singing the National Anthem definitely gave goosebumps. On our way back we visited Hundar, the Cold Desert (Khapa-Chan.) You get to watch traditional Ladakhi dance here, ride ATV and watch the famous Bactrian Camel (two humps) I would only say watch, because I am strictly against riding animals and would urge everyone not to do so. Remember, your holiday is their everyday, so please don’t!Spent the night at your Hotel, before you leave Diskit, make sure to visit Diskit Monastery in the morning.
Anika Jindal
Next day after having breakfast, I left for TurTuk Village. It is the northernmost village located here. This village was taken over by India in 1971. Mystical village and those small lanes, a village I visited ever. People here don't interact much with the outsiders. Some of the people here are Tibetan and some belong to Aryan period.