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Anika Jindal
Next day after having breakfast, I left for TurTuk Village. It is the northernmost village located here. This village was taken over by India in 1971. Mystical village and those small lanes, a village I visited ever. People here don't interact much with the outsiders. Some of the people here are Tibetan and some belong to Aryan period.
Rashmi G
Turtuk village - Turtuk is 10km away from Thang, India's northern-most village. This place was under Pakistan's control until 1971 Indo-Pak war. People speak Balti language. There are 2 palaces which are beautiful and authentic, shows the Balti culture. Can see natural freeze.This place is a different experience. It is a must stay for a day place. Take a walk to the monastery crossing the beautiful bridge walking up the hill. View from there is heaven.Reached the place in the evening. Stayed at Balti Residency. Took a walk to the nearest palace. Next day early morning is sight seeing of the village. Crossing the bridge you can witness another face of the village. Pass along the farmland. Theres one more palace and a natural freeze. Then we can walk ahead for the monastery which is on a small hill. There’s a waterfall which we missed as the had not melted yet and there’s no much water. Left the place around 1 pm and started towards Thang.#lehladhakh #travelholic #travel #turtuk
Palak Doshi
Pass by the exquisite sand dunes of Hunder, bid good-bye to the fluttering prayer flags and move 200km to the north of Leh arrive at the unbelievably pretty and magical village called Turtuk. Laden with apricot and walnut trees, Turtuk is the last village on Indo-Pak border.
Sachin Chhachhia
Time: August-Septermber, 2017.A WALK FROM TURTUK (NUBRA VALLEY) to LEH to MANALI.4 WEEKS. 670 Kilometers. 6 HIGH MOUNTAINS PASSES. GATA LOOPS. MOREY PLAINS AND SO MANY OTHER HURDLES. We WALKED IT ALL.Mountains are the most powerful and all the time it made me like feel negligible tiny particle.
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