Travel Meri Goa!!

Day 1

Travelling…..some may find it tiring, exhausting and for some it is the necessity of life. I am happy that I fall in the second category. This is my very first sincere attempt to write my travel blog because as much as I love travelling, I want to share the same with the whole freaking world.

I don’t want to introduce myself by my age, education or profession or achievements. No. I am here to pen down my travel experience as those things don’t define me. So hey all!!! I am Puravi Pradhan, a travel enthusiast from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, an artist at heart and wish to become a traveler by profession.

Choosing the first destination to write about is not easy. So decided to start with the one I have recently been to, its GOA!

Christmas is the best time to be in GOA if you want to enjoy the wonderful festival along with the amazing beaches. Costly time to be?? Not at all if you plan your stay little bit in advance.

I have been to Goa only twice till date and have stayed both in North and South Goa.This time, it was north Goa, was staying in Calangute beach, one of the busiest beaches in north Goa. It was a family trip for us, so somehow managed to get an accommodation in a very nearby hotel from the beach, even after a late planning. It’s Calangute Annexe Residency, a hotel managed by GTDC, budget friendly, considering it’s only a 5 min walk from the beach. A very decent place to stay and with good food. Being a Bengali and non-vegetarian I have tried the local food delicacies like yummy King fish fry and curry, squids, prawns and what not. Trust me, if you love seafood you don’t want to miss out on any of these here.

Coming to the beach, Calangute beach is not the ideal beach for those who loves to enjoy some me time and just relax, definitely not during Christmas time. It was much crowded if you are going after 10 in morning. But definitely enjoyable in morning before 10, as you won’t find much people so early. As I am not one of those who are in Goa to enjoy their booze time but to enjoy the beaches, so you will definitely find me early morning on the beach, enjoying the walk on sand, soaking up the sun and embracing the early morning beauty as much as possible. Staring at the beautiful ocean, suddenly life becomes so peaceful, away from all the daily shit that life throws at you. If you are a sea lover, you would never want to leave this early morning beauty ever again.

Sand below, sky above, water in between and peace within. If was a feeling of fulfillment, feeling of satisfaction, feeling of love. Whether its sunrise or sunset, anything and everything here is satisfying. You cannot hold yourself but to fall in love with the sea once again. Again and again.

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Photo of Travel Meri Goa!! by Puravi Pradhan
Photo of Travel Meri Goa!! by Puravi Pradhan
Photo of Travel Meri Goa!! by Puravi Pradhan
Photo of Travel Meri Goa!! by Puravi Pradhan
Photo of Travel Meri Goa!! by Puravi Pradhan
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