Travel Trunket! Part- 1

Photo of Travel Trunket! Part- 1 by Pranjal Sharma

we all have a desire to travel, to travel and explore each and every part of the globe but the question is, what we are actually doing to make this happen? we are squashing our plans and dreams in between our 9 to 6 job for making a living. But does this routine makes us feel alive? There are plenty of questions gathering in my head , thanks to this quarantine now I actually got time to step back and give this a thought. we all are busy in building a future not for us but for our offspring. Yes, that's the truth! In this chaos we forget that we have a limited time span here . we all are temporary guest and our time is running. Living in this dilemma that we have enough time to fulfill our dreams and desires, we are actually killing our moment. Every then and now we use to plan things, we use to make travel plans just like the Goa Trip that we use to cancel every year just because 3 out of 5 people in the group make a sudden exit from the plan. We are social animals but that doesn't mean that our happiness and peace of mind rely on others. Can't we just go solo??? Yes, we can but we don't, we always think about a Solo trip but end up with lots of questions because we are afraid! we are afraid of putting ourselves in that situation. we all are good at writing quotes and bragging about our travel plans but deep down we all are insecure. No one else but its us who are creating boundaries and restrictions. Com'on the society is already there to stop you then why you are stopping yourself? Don't be an enemy of yourself, life is too short to give excuses, so, stop shifting your plans to another date, month and year. Be wise to yourself, travel and explore because we just got one life to live! Make the most out of it.

"Your desire is what, that keeps you alive"

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