Travelling With Baby- My First Hand Experience


Being a travel lover and the new mommy. Combination doesn't go very well, right?

Well many times, only the thought of travelling can psyche a new mommy.

I too felt the same thing initially, questions like, how will I travel with a small baby? How & where will I feed? etc. And all the hassle!

Than I decided not to compromise on something that makes me happy, so we started travelling again from the time my baby was 1.5 months' olds (off course not with the same pace). Last 11 months we travelled to many places.

I must confess it's not the same as it used to be. But it's not too bad either. With little planning, we can still enjoy.

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Well here's a checklist and few tips from my first hand experience. These may come handy to many new mommies. However these are my experiences and suggestions only

Here's my list of Must haves. Usually we prefer to travel by car and plan for shorter trips. But this list is equally useful for other mode of travel as well.

Diaper bag - This is an inseparable part of going out with a baby, be it a mall next door or a tourist destination. Wherever you go, diaper bag should follows!

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The content of diaper bag may vary according to your requirement but some basic stuff to carry

  • Diapers
  • Diaper changing mat
  • Wet wipes
  • Napkins
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Boiled water in bottle/Sipper (I use Philips Avent) (This is for the babies above 6 months)
  • Baby food (I don't mind using cerelac for one meal or so. If you are particular not on using the ready made food, you can prepare some quick bites)
  • Few waste papers / waste bag to dispose off the diapers
  • Teether / any small toy to keep the baby engaged (I usually carry a small colourful book)
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Poncho / Feeding cover - If your baby is on exclusive breast feed, this is something really useful and a must have. This makes it very convenient to feed your baby anywhere, anytime without giving it a second thought. While there are many feeding covers but I use Plucchi Poncho..So far this has been one of the best investments and I use it everywhere. The best part is this one doesn't look like a feeding cover, its stylish and gives you a smart look.

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Light stroller - Light stroller is much better than the bulky prams while travelling with toddler. These are foldable ones and can be carried easily to any place. It can be carried in the flights also.

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Baby carrier/ Slings - For the younger babies, sling or baby carrier are better options. These will help you keep your baby close while having your hands free for other activities. Though it's important to use the right sling or the carrier.

Bedding - weather you are going to stay in a resort, hotel or friends place, its important to carry baby's bedding. It's always better to carry at least 2 sets of quick dry, baby wrap and a blanket

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Toileteries - If you are traveling and staying at a place for more than a day, it's important to carry toiletries like

Clothing- the mantra "travel light" doesn't work here. It's always safe to carry a couple of extra pair of clothing, few pair of socks, shoes or booties.

Depending upon the weather conditions you can add few woolens or warm clothes as well. Its unpredictable with babies and you never know when are you going to need extra clothing.

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Playing Mat & Toys -Playing mat is very helpful in keeping you're LO engaged and giving time to crawling and play. You can use these mats both indoors as well as outdoors. You can also carry few toys .

Baby food & utensils - I feel best time to travel is when the babies are still on exclusive breast feed, that's when you don't have to worry about arranging for their meals!

  • However for formula fed babies you need to carry and sterilize their utensils like cups, bowls and spoon.
  • For toddlers you can prepare many homemade snacks, which your little munchkin can munch on during the travel.
  • Thermos with Hot water, if you intend to use baby food like cerelac.
  • Easy snacks like boiled vegetables, fruits, puffed rice etc
  • Bowl, spoons, sipper
  • Also you should check with hotel in advance about the availability of baby food. Most of the hotels provide baby khichdi, porridge, boiled vegetables etc on request. To be on the safer side, I always carry some instant baby food with me like cerelac etc.

Basic Medicine - Its always good to carry some basic medicines for emergencies, as these may not be available everywhere. Medicine for stomach pain, cold, nasal drops, fever, diaper rash cream, cetaphil for any other rashes can come handy.

Well this is the checklist, which I usually go through before travelling, although it looks big but some of these you can always keep packed and ready.

This list is not exhaustive and you can add things, which you feel, are necessary to this list. Do share your thoughts!

I feel a little bit of planning and preparation can make your travelling with you LO much more fun and enjoyable.

Happy travelling mommies!

This post was originally published on Madhu On The Go.