Trekking:an adventure

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Keep green and clean.

As you see the beauty of mountains in the picture, it's refreshing for people to travel to these sceneric places. One can get to enjoy this beauty in himachal Pradesh, uttrakhand, North eastern states, etc. It is not important to go for a trekking when anyone visits these sceneric place. There are alot of place, where you can reach there by road and still you get to enjoy the view but if you are adventures and have zeal for climbing hills for an awesome view from the mountains , then i would suggest you a trek.

1.The view

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The view which one gets to enjoy at the end of every trek is going to be legend wait for it "legendary". Honestly speaking it's going to give an eye massage to you guys .If you guys stay there for a night, you will get to enjoy the beautiful view of stars and the moon. The time when you go through the journey of the trek, everything seems to be an challenge and those pictures of nature in which everywhere you see, it is a pleasure. But when you reach your destination, the same pleasure from the view multiplies!!!

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If you are a person who needs a peace of mind and wants to release all the negative vibes out of you. Hills are the best place which can eat all your negative vibes and calm you down and fill you with all the positive vibes it has. Trust me the top is the best place to relax(would prefer kheerganga trek once more). The silence can take you away from the hectic rat race life. Person who visits any hill or mountain, comes back with a lot of positive energies.

3. Feeling of achievement

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When you start any trek ,most of you'll start the trek with a thought in your mind that how are you going to finish this long distance journey. But when you begin the trek the best journey of the life begins and that is the time when you collect alot of awesome memories in your bag.when you reach the destination ,trust me that's the best feeling you'll get. You will even forget the hard time that took to climb the place and then definitely the best feeling of achievement you're going to enjoy .It gives you a positive boost to your mind and keeps it healthy and beautiful . Trekking means, you have a destination, you have the map, but you also have alot of obstacles. So, once you're there at your destination, it means, you have achieved that.

4. You make some really good friends

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This one is the best positive thing you can also get from trekking. Trekking could be done with friends, family,unknown people, unknown groups or alone. So here in the trekking journey, you get to know more about the people who are along with you. This means, that it really creates a bond and makes that relationship more closure. People who trek together are always close to each other or if not so they get to know about each other. I would like to share that, in my trekking journey till now, I have made lot of friends, not networks, I am talking about real friends ☺️.

Photo of Trekking:an adventure 13/13 by Onelifekey Trekking is type of exercise. When you trek, it leads towards physical activity and exercise releases chemical called endorphins. These endorphins interact with receptors in your brain that reduce your feel of pain. Endorphins also triggers a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine(painkiller). So trekking, gives you both mental as well physical fitness. I don't need a gym now!!!

Cheers to trekking!!!

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