When your budget is tight these money saving hacks might help u right #anythingfortravel


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These are some of my money saving hacks which i follow every time before the trip.

1) Open a recurring account for 6 months or so of a certain amount before your travel. In this way every month the certain amount of your money will be directly transferred from savings to recurring account and you won't be able to withdraw money and use it for your unnecessary expenses.

2) A strict no no for weekend parties as it sometimes burn a hole in your pocket and also Ghar Ka Khana ( home cooked meal ) is the best option as you don't have to spend your money on food outside and also it will keep you healthy and active for the trip.

3) Finding discount coupons or offers while booking online flights/hotels. Check every website and its ongoing offers before you book,as it has some offers or coupon codes that can help you save some money. It might consume some time but it can also save some thousands.

4) Early morning flights are a lot cheaper then the other ones. It disturbs your sleep but its all worth it, if it saves your money. And also there is no traffic early morning so you won't get stuck on your way to the airport.

5) Booking hotels on the spot instead of booking it online. Okay this might sound a little weird and inconvenient but it really helps. Check for the hotels and their rates online before your trip so that you are aware of its actual rates online and then you can bargain or ask for discounts from them on the spot. They give you good discounts as they don't have to pay to the companies for the bookings done through their website. ( This can be risky sometimes and can land you in trouble with no options to stay. So a proper research and information about the place is important. I suggest you to search for atleast 2 to 3 hotels as options in case something goes wrong or unplanned )

I hope these hacks help you and save some cash as it has always saved mine. Until then..

Happy Journey !!