Why you should always travel by train!

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A friend of mine had once said "Traveling in train is much like your life, you can't see what lies ahead of you nor can can you see what's behind you, just relax back and enjoy the scenery through the window, the present without thinking much"

We worry too much, we have too less time, we are anxious we are becoming more and more impatient with every passing time. The biggest achievement today's generation can have is to realize the above mentioned traits. Realization is one step closer towards a remedy.

I always prefer to travel by train. There are three good reasons to it.

Reason 1: You know you are not going to reach to the destination before the said time and so you have abundant time to yourself without too much to worry about.

Reason 2: You know the internet wont work the way you want, so you can keep the damn phone aside. A much wanted excuse!

Reason 3: The best of the lot! You get to meet and talk to new people.

Travelling in train always takes you down the memory lane, when you were a little kid and you used to travel to your native lands once in a while during summers. It brings back all those memories, diving and swimming in lanes of nostalgia.

Getting down on one of those remote stations where the mosses sometimes tend to clasp the seating especially after the gentle shower are a different delight altogether and never to miss that random cup of tea, which I am sure to believe never tasted this good.

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The air has never been more fresh, the happiness you felt was never more genuine and the excitement never more youthful.

Happiness aroused by the young waving hands of the cheerful striplings and the expansive never ending landscapes right out of JRR Tolkien's imagination. There will be times when you'll crave for the destination, only to realize the journey is what you craved for!