Travel And Let The WORLD Step In


What makes you or anyone to travel? "Curiosity"! Is this the only element that drives anyone to travel? Certainly yes, but not the absolute one. Sometimes you allow only your shadow to escort you; sometimes a wanderer attitude takes you to a new places or sometimes being an wayfarer takes you to new heights and makes you to challenge your limits. No fixed plans or destinations, falling out of the human beings most sought and needed thing - 'Security'. Why you need a reason to travel if you know that, Its new people who breaks the deal and new places which gives memoir, feel of seeing from the eyes of others. Today, the closest of our friends were once strangers, the everyday moments with them makes days special and gaps filled. No matter how much we know, there is always a scope to learn and room to grow. Sharing of happiness makes memories sweet and stories sweeter. So, take a step, open the door of your inner kingdom and allow to all those who knocks the door with love. Once you travel a place, that place becomes just a stop on the map of the world. Everywhere is walking distance. Hence, make a resolution that once in a year you will travel to place you never did before. As you grow, you will realize the importance of traveling as it converts a person into a story teller. Traveling gives us an immense time to see our inner self and takes one into a self realization mode. Our existence in today’s world is just because our ancestors, progenitors traveled. No matter who our ancestors were, but the truth remains that they were very brave. Brave enough to fight and survive and incontrovertibly they were great travelers. We owe our existence in a world full of brilliance to their zest for travelling. Our emergence as a strongest species, to survive is cause of a traveling. Just realize the fact we all are bound to travel, irrespective of the reason. Early human life depicted in form of paintings in the caves, are a proof from where we started and where we have reached. It’s a journey which continues and will never ends. We achieve one destination and start looking for another. In this process what remains, an inseparable is journey.

As a very famous saying states "That nothing is permanent in this world except change” and if that Change is presented in the plate of traveling than that Change will taste all the more sweet.

To experience new you have to Step Out and let the world Step In.

Bon appetite for a Bon Voyage.

Don't Stop Keep Travelling…
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