Why you should travel?

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Over the years I noticed travelling had an immensely positive impact on me. Notably, a solo journey can push us from our comfort zone and educate us with the facets of our characters.

Travelling might sound like a lucrative option to the new generation, but the original essence of travelling is lost with the generations to come. Travelling is rather seen as a getaway from the busy and hustle bustle lives of our modern age.

But homo sapiens, who have wandered from one place to another in search of new settlements has lost the desire to travel and it has just turned into a petty hobby which is often misunderstood by the surviving generations. Travellers like Ibn-e-battuta and Marco Polo devoted their lives in travelling the world which satiated the fire of their souls.

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Yet there are some alternatives which could be amalgamated with the modern age shenanigans. The benefits of travelling are immense in nature and is an effective quotidian hack.


The digital age provides the best platform where we can explore the different horizons which we were not available earlier. We accept and imitate the culture and people we have lived with, sometimes this leads to ignoring the cultures which are alien to our original culture and people. This is one of the life-changing experience I felt when I started travelling and it helped me clear my misconceptions.

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Ignorance prevails until you experience the world with your own box. Every experience could be witnessed from a different perspective and that perspective wouldn't float until you take a dive into the beauty and culture which we ignore to share.

When I first went for a trek in the mountains, I could feel every inch of my body in congruence with nature. It feels like a lifetime when you step onto a new street and you can feel connected to the surroundings. It often connects us with the history and people who have been a part of that place. All those vibes are out there in the open until we are capable of capturing them.

This gives a new in hand experience with every new place and hence, helps us live a new life with every new landscape.


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We are nothing but an accumulation of ideas and experiences. When you travel, you meet certain people, listen to their life stories which could be about their personal experiences and you connect with different ethnic groups. Every person is living a world inside of the flesh that sustains it. Sharing these experiences is like reading a new adventure book, you never know what unfolds next.


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I know every reader would be able to feel the monotonous drift in their lives. Well, you can ditch it all while travelling as you can break your routine with new adventures to conquer every day. You have new streets to discover, feel the presence of life all over around. The adrenaline rush I experienced from this is still one of the most unparalleled bouts.

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Education is often associated with schools and universities but that's the lie we happen to believe all our lives. Travelling actually connects you with the history, geography and politics of a new place. It is a more advanced form of education where you get the merged knowledge which includes theoretical and practical knowledge. Certain people use travelling to learn a new language, cuisine and much more until you stimulate your brains.


I have personally felt an improvement in my efficiency after I came back from my first trip. At first, I ignored it but that continued to improve with every loop. Travelling is proven to enhance creativity as it lets you connect with your subconscious in a more enhanced manner. It keeps the stress off and works as a potent passage for your thoughts to connect with the subconscious mind, which further helps you propagate better ideas and thoughts which in turn improves your overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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With the increasing concern for fitness among the youth, people are adopting certain techniques to keep themselves fit. Alas, that comes free while you are travelling. Travelling keeps your physical body fit and in shape while it also nourishes your mind and rejuvenates it. It helps with the healthy mental functioning of your mind and body. This could be achieved by going for different treks, walks or learning a new form of exercises like yoga and meditation. It lets you blend your inner peace with the congruence of your physical being.

Hopefully, it will encourage you to travel more and possibly even help you to overcome barriers.