Travelling In Your 20s vs Your 30s


Spoiler alert: Your experience gets better with age!

If I could go back to reliving the old days, my younger self, I’d probably pat on my back for gathering the courage to travel all around the world. But let me tell you that the initial travel days were not easy! Now, with the advent use to technology to travel around -– maps, travel apps, booking sites, everything is available at one touch on our smartphones. Yet, the biggest question is: How does travelling in your 20s VS 30s differ?

1) Your travel days are much shorter than before

In your early 20s, taking a break from internships / early career fit well with travelling. But in your early 30s, things change! Priorities change from “just having a job” to “making a career.” You probably have a bunch of commitments that you least cared about in your young age, and later? Lots would have piled up! And to say this, you’re perhaps still struggling to get that holiday approved by your boss or probably just have a few days to travel each year. Real story, hard to digest but gulp it with a pinch of salt!

2) You’re over those adventurous trips – do or die kind!

From hopping bars and running to catch that train just to save a few bucks from your pocket money, well, that phase has passed. I’ve realised that when you’re in your 20s, you’re more open about taking certain risks and travelling to fulfil your dream – and yeah, you’ll probably make new friends on your trip! But in your 30s, you realise and want to make the right decision to pick a destination and choose who your real friends are! – And believe me, that’s more calming and soothing in comparison to crossing mountains or flying down with a parachute.

3) You prefer travelling solo

While travelling solo might sound boring to a few, but it helps in rejuvenating your real-self. The best part about growing up – is to travel alone! You don’t always need people to accompany you, and there are situations you can handle by yourself. On the other hand, travelling solo in your 20s sound scary and most travellers are petrified about this idea. Travel partners or buddies, whatever you call them – you’re a lot more secured and there’s a sheer of happiness shared, if a friend’s coming along!

4) Solo trip soon turns into a couples trip

Oh, well, if you’re married-Don’t forget! The best part about travelling in your 20s and 30s is, you no longer need to go about finding your friends or cousins to accompany you for a trip. Your partner is right beside you to make every trip totally worthwhile! You may skip few trips with your friends or miss traveling alone, but, there’s no better happiness than travelling and rejuvenating a journey with your partner in crime!

5) You get a feel of what ‘real’ travel looks like!

Don’t get me wrong! Travellers thoroughly enjoy travelling in their 20s, but the need for travelling has changed. As you mature, it feels better to avoid night-partying at the beach or a club, and rather feels great to grab a place by the beach to read a book. Yes, that’s how preferences evolve. You could actually reconnect with your inner-peace rather than planning a vacation for sheer enjoyment!

So, tell us your story, as age is just a number! Backpacking would only turn you into a better person with time - be it in your 30s, 40s, 50s and till the end of time:)