This Mysterious Place in Gujarat is Where You Can Experience Anti – Gravity, First Hand!


There are a lot of mysterious places on earth, where our hitherto known concepts suddenly seem unreal. Have you imagined a place on earth where gravitational force doesn’t act? Imagine a stopped car, set at neutral starts crawling uphill on its own, or water instead of flowing downhill moves in the opposite direction. A temple town situated in Gujarat is where you could head to witness these strange occurrences.

Tulsishyam Temple . (C), Wikimedia Commons, Gazal World

Photo of Tulsishyam, Gujarat, India by thewanderjoy

Tulsishyam, famous for a 3000-year-old temple of Lord Krishna and the attached hot sulphur springs said to have curative properties, is located in the periphery of the Gir National Park in Gujarat. What Tulsishyam is also famous for is the anti-gravity hill. Now what’s this, you’ll wonder. What seemingly feels like defying the universal law of gravity is nothing but a balancing out of gravitational forces in the region.

This milestone marks the road where this strange occurrence happens. (C) Wikimedia Commons, Suresh Kumar TN

Photo of Tulsishyam, Gujarat, India by thewanderjoy

Is there a supernatural angle to this?

The local people tend to believe the hand of God behind this strange phenomenon. They say that given the temple of Tuslishyam, the path leads all the way to heaven and hence it feels like people are being pulled upwards. Thankfully though its not attributed to any evil spirits or any such paranormal occurrence.

How can this anti-gravity be explained?

In reality, this is nothing to do with absence of gravity, much another aspect of science – optical illusion. Due to the structure of the land on either side of the road, what is actually a downward sloping gradient looks like its going upwards owing to the horizon line. The brain is hence tricked to believe that the road slopes uphill. Ordinarily the brain will take time to decipher this complex optics, and hence the popular belief of “anti-gravity”.

Well, honestly, this isn’t the only “anti-gravity” hill in India. Its other, much more famous, cousin is the “Magnetic Hill” in Ladakh, 30 kms from Leh. Read all about it here.

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