Unexpected Rocky Bike trial near Tumkur

23rd Feb 2019

Pinchi near Tumkur

Photo of Unexpected Rocky Bike trial near Tumkur by Guru Prasad

I bet you will wonder how you missed this place which is very close to Bangalore

Pinchi Doom

Wondering where the Picture has been captured?

Yes, Its just an hour drive from Bangalore, An amazing peaceful place to spend some quality time with your Buddies or Family or Girl Friend or Boy Friend :P

Journey Started from my home sweet home at 5am in my Bikey "RE Classic 350cc" , Stopped for few minutes just to meet Mr SUN, Never tired or used to see a beautiful Sunrise with amazing Colors

Never Tired to see a Beautiful Sunrise

Headed straight from there to fuel up our bodies, not bike :-p at Pavithra Idli Hotel near Kyathsandra which is famous for Thatte Idly and Vada, Hotel is quite ahead of the destination. So we had to take U-turn for the hotel and our destination i.e. Mandara Giri was on the left ( towards Bangalore from Tumkur on the high way )

Reached this stunning place "pinchi-shaped 81-feet tall Guru Mandir" and "tall statue of Chandranatha Thirthankara which is a smaller scale model of the Gommateshwara statue at Shravanabelagola."

A mandatory Jump in front of Pinchi

Statue of Chandranatha Thirthankara

Photo of Unexpected Rocky Bike trial near Tumkur by Guru Prasad

Thrilling part starts from here to a pond near the quarry which is indeed a Rocky Bike Trial

Cinematic Entry Video :P