The Ultimate Guide to the Bangalore to Chikkamagaluru Bike Ride

Photo of Chikkamagaluru, Mysore Division by Raviteja

Chikkamagaluru, also known as the coffee land of Karnataka, is a popular tourist destination located in the Western Ghats. The town is known for its beautiful landscapes, coffee plantations, and scenic views. And what better way to explore it all than by taking a bike ride from Bangalore to Chikkamagaluru?

My friend and I decided to take this exciting journey, and it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. We started our journey at around 3 PM from Bangalore and took the NH 75 route towards Chikkamagaluru. The distance from Bangalore to Chikkamagaluru is approximately 250 kilometers, and it takes around 5-6 hours to cover the distance by road.

The journey was refreshing, and the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats was mesmerizing. We reached Chikkamagaluru at around 9 PM and checked into our hotel for the night. The next day, we woke up early and started our journey to Mullayanagiri peak, which is the highest peak in Karnataka, at around 6 AM.

The drive to Mullayanagiri peak was an adventure in itself, with steep and winding roads. But the view from the top was worth it. We could see the entire town of Chikkamagaluru and the surrounding hills from the top. We spent some time there, enjoying the cool breeze and the panoramic view.

After spending some time at Mullayanagiri peak, we headed to Jhari Falls, which is a popular tourist spot in Chikkamagaluru. The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and is a perfect spot for a picnic. We spent some time there, enjoying the cool breeze and the sound of the waterfall.

Next on our list was the zip line adventure. The zip line is located near Jhari Falls and costs around 300 per person. It was a thrilling experience to zip through the lush green trees, and we all enjoyed it thoroughly.

After the zip line adventure, we headed to Kemmangundi, which is a small hill station near Chikkamagaluru. We took a room there for the night and spent some time exploring the beautiful surroundings. The place was peaceful and quiet, and we had a great time just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

The next day, we went for a trek called Z-Point, which is known for its stunning views. The trek was challenging, but the views from the top were breathtaking. We could see the entire valley from the top, and it was an experience we'll never forget.

After the trek, we headed to Kallathigiri Waterfalls Temple, which is a famous temple in the area. The temple is located near a beautiful waterfall, and the view from the top was amazing. We spent some time at the temple, taking in the peaceful atmosphere and the beautiful views.

After that, we started our journey back to Bangalore. The bike ride from Chikkamagaluru to Bangalore was equally beautiful, and we enjoyed every bit of it. We reached Bangalore by late evening, tired but happy with the memories we had created.

In conclusion, a bike ride from Bangalore to Chikkamagaluru is a must-try for anyone who loves nature and adventure. The journey is beautiful, the destination is peaceful, and the memories will stay with you forever. So, grab your bike, follow our lead, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.