Amazing Wildlife Encounters in Abu Dhabi – Thrilling Adventures in the UAE


Those who love wildlife will find plenty of exciting encounters in Abu Dhabi with animals from around the world; from safaris to cruises, here are some of the best experiences.

Al Ain Safari

Be transported to Africa on a unique Al Ain Safari amidst a desert environment. Approximately 1.5 hours from Abu Dhabi, this attraction features both day and night tours that let you see an amazing array of animals; species include African lions, white rhinos, the scimitar oryx, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras and kudus.

Arabian Wildlife Park

On Sir Bani Yas Island, you will find the Arabian Wildlife Park which features over 15,000 free-roaming animals including the endangered Arabian oryx. You can stay at resorts in Abu Dhabi on the island itself and enjoy wildlife drives to also encounter cheetahs, giraffes, gazelles, axis deer, ostriches, urial sheep, jackals and more.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

The UAE’s largest falcon hospital, this site not only focuses on treating, breeding and training falcons but also giving visitors a chance to learn more about this majestic bird. Book a tour in advance for a captivating visit which includes getting up close to falcons, seeing them fly and having your picture taken with one on your arm.

Dolphin Bay

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Located off the coast of Abu Dhabi is Dolphin Bay where one may spot dolphins swimming wild and free. Cruises are on offer from Yas Island and apart from getting the chance to see dolphins frolicking in the water, you will also be taken to a secluded sandbank; here, you can unwind, snorkel and play with the entire family.