6 Best Selling Classic Cocktails in the World


Every time you’ve visited a pub, sipping and cheering your favourite team during a match, unknowingly, your drink was competing against the other one. If you are a cocktail lover, then you’ve most likely checked for different cocktail variations considered the finest in the world.

Whether you prefer a martini, a mimosa, or an old-fashioned, there are high chances that no matter where you are traveling, you’ll be able to find a good place to have a drink in almost every city in the world.

The rule is – do not order a beer!

1. Margarita

You don’t need to travel far and wide to grab a glass of Margarita. As long as there’s tequila, Cointreau, and fresh limes, this drink will be available around you. The Margarita, in its sharp and tangy character, is one of the most well-known tequila cocktails in the world.

Best places serving this cocktail

a. Chili’s Grill & Bar, New Jersey

b. Tortilla Republic, Los Angeles

c. Santa Maria, Berlin

Cost – INR 600 - 700 (approximately)

2. Ola Fashioned

For close to a decade, this bourbon classic has grabbed the topmost rank as the world’s best-selling cocktail. And it’s easy to understand why! This classic cocktail made with bourbon or rye, an orange twist, a sugar cube, lemons, cherries, and a thick cube of ice delivers the right every time. Towards the end, add soda and Angostura bitters to the drink and you’ll know why this drink has been unrivalled for years now

Best places serving this cocktail

a. Smyth – The Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee

b. Proof On Main, Louisville

c. French 75, Los Angeles

Cost – INR 900 - 1000 (approximately)

3. Dry Martini

The origins of the Dry Martini may not be known to many, but what’s evident is that this gin-based cocktail is still widely known. All you need after a long hectic day at work is a smooth and dry drink. And nothing but a beautiful glass or Martini will do the magic. The classic combination of dry vermouth and gin topped with a green olive and a dash of orange bitters will have your taste buds aching for more!

Best places serving this cocktail

a. Dry Martini, Barcelona

b. Bathtub Gin, New York

c. American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, London

Cost – INR 1300 - 1400 (approximately)

4. Whiskey Sour

This everyman’s drink is a suitable fit for whiskey lovers. This dependable drink is made of bourbon, a hint of lemony lift, and a teaspoon of sugar. To add egg white is optional, but you might miss out on its original texture if you skip this ingredient.

Best places serving this cocktail

a. Butter Run Saloon, St. Clair Shores, MI

b. Noorman’s Kil, New York

Cost – INR 600 - 700 (approximately)

5. Negroni

The origination of Negroni started when Count Camillo Negroni requested for a strong Americano, and a bartender replaced soda water with gin. This ultimate cocktail has been in the top 5 for several years now and there’s no sign of it losing its position. This is one of the simplest drinks that can be easily prepared at home too – Sweet vermouth, gin, and Campari – give it a stir and master making a Negroni.

Best places serving this cocktail

a. Marta, New York

b. The Violet Hour, Chicago

Cost – INR 650 – 800 (approximately)

6. Mojito

Almost every bar serves this Cuban classic and is easily one of the most preferred day-time drinks. The simple blend of white rum, soda, spearmint, lime juice, and well-dissolved cane sugar is the secret to this fresh and tropical cocktail. Refreshing is synonymous to Mojitos.

Best places serving this cocktail

a. Chacon 162, Havana

b. Marco Pierre White, Dublin

Cost – INR 300 - 500 (approximately)