Couple Nights at Las Vegas

4th Jun 2020
Photo of Couple Nights at Las Vegas by dennismitchel27

It was that time of the year again to travel and cherish the holiday season. l love travelling all around the globe. I packed a few belongings that I might need along the way. Las Vegas itself is a beautiful city of exciting night life as well as casino and entertainment. From grand mega casinos to broadway shows, Las Vegas has got it all. I thought that Vegas would be the perfect place for escape.

Now, planning ahead on this trip, I did not know which places I wanted to visit. So I looked up a few landmarks of Las Vegas itself. You might even see some of these places on hollywood movies. I decided that is it a must for me to visit at least a couple of casinos and try to hit the jackpot. Vegas is a lavishing city of millionaires and people looking to spend their money. But is it really all that expensive? Well there are a few alternatives that are worth looking into. You could save a lot of money by finding alternative entertainments in Vegas.

Day 1:

First day in Vegas means that it was my first day of excitement. When it comes to Vegas, there are dozens of beautiful hotels you can choose from. In my case, I just want to treat myself with the best hotel there is. This hotel is called as the Venetian. The Venetian is known as a recreational paradise.

It does not only serve as a hotel, it is somehow a man made resort. The view of this place itself is spectacular and there are so may spots to visit. I did a few sight seeing and took a few pictures. Surprisingly, there is also a casino integrated within the Venetian resort. It is good to know that I don’t have to travel far away to play a few games of poker.

But before going into games of chances, there is one thing that I need to do. Eating buffets at one of the best all you can eat restaurants has been a dream. This place has been rated as the best all you can eat buffets. With tourists and food reviewers from all around the globe, this is truly something to try.

The price itself is not as expensive as you think. You might think Vegas is an expensive city. But a meal at one of the best all you can eat buffets only cost $41 tops per person. With that amount of money spent, there are endless varieties of food you can feast from. From seafood to endless supplies of meat. This is truly a food heaven that is a must try for anyone visiting Vegas.

Day 2:

I ended day 1 because there was not much that I do for the rest of the day. However, this next day is a little bit more exciting. Remember how I said that Las Vegas can be cheap? Well that is very true. You don’t have to go all the way to Las Vegas to gamble and watch the neon lights flicker. There are other alternatives to a casinos and other hefty money spending activities. Today, I decided to visit the famous Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is a national park with beautiful scenery. It forms different colors and shapes of canyons. This has turned the national park into a famous tourist spot. People would take pictures and just walk around as well as do a little bit of adventuring.

Depending on your choice, you can take a ride directly to the Grand Canyon itself. There are transportation options such as taxi or any online transportation. You could even join a tour that would last for 2 hours. I decided to just go with the tour. This is so that I would not have to wander around and not find the best spots. That is why joining a tour of the Grand Canyon is one of the best things you can do in Vegas.

When the sun sets, it is time for Las Vegas to come alive. Home for entertainment, I made wonderful plans for broadway shows tonight. There are many broadway shows to choose from. Oh by the way, some of you might not know what broadway shows are. They are live performances of theatrical drama as well as singing. The shows usually last from 1 to 2 hours. Most of the broadway shows are taken directly from books or other movies. There are choices such as Hamilton, Frozen the Musical, and even To kill a Mockingbird. I chose Hamilton because it was known to be a Pulitzer prize winning drama award.

Day 3:

Last day of my journey, it was time to hit the slot machines. In today’s journey, I plan to visit the two most popular casino spots. The first one is MGM casino resort and the other place is Caesars Palace. 

These grand casinos has endless varieties of games to choose from. Poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more to come. I decided to take a cab and visit MGM casino resort first. It was still daytime, but the casino itself is already packed with people. With lights flickering everywhere, I decided to buy some chips. These chips would be used to play the table games such as poker. After winning a few chips, you could switch them back.

After having a couple rounds of poker, it was time to cash out my winnings. Vegas can be very tempting, that’s why you need to know your limits. My next and last stop is Caesars Palace. I wanted to visit this place because of the food it serves. There are so many food to choose from that place. It was like the food court of high end dining. With countless dishes and alcoholic beverages, it was a great way to end the trip.