Mainland Greece



Visit mainland Greece this Summer.

When in Greece perhaps you'd like a holiday on the mainland and to visit an off the beat village, not an island, with access to the sea. Less touristic, more authentic. I invite you to visit the areas of Greece where I grew up. Pilion, my village is the very last , the most special, I'm from Trikeri. It's hard to get there.

It is in the district of Magenesia, if you look at the map of Greece its the hooked finger like area north of Athens. You travel to Volos first a 3.5 hour drive, now on a super highway called Ethniki Odos. Athinon Lamias. This is pleasant. Then you drive towards my village through some of the villages in central Greece.

Your first step to get there is :

Go to Volos

Either by car , or

take a bus to Volos ( this you get Tries Gefyres)

this bus will stop about 5 minutes from the water front in Volos

Then you can take another bus to Trikeri from this Volos Station

Volos city with a population of about 86000 , it's a university town, has an air force base in Nea Aghilios , I like walking there at the water front, sitting afterwards with a coffee and watching the yachts

You drive just a little further and you find Agria. There are great vegetable stalls, some lovely beaches, and a nice pharmacy

Afterwards Argaliasti, they are known for their bean soups, its got everything, a bakery, such fabulous bread, . Many little village street shops its so pretty. It's the perfect place to hire an room to stay overnight.

Somewhere between Argalasti and Milina is a beach, my cousin sent me there , it is something out of a travel book, thick water, clear and sand so beige. Not a tree in sight and when the sun finds this beach , you are literally on a suntan bed. Getting there with a car, not recommended by me, they do it, but it was so narrow the road on a winding hill, I thought we were going to fall off every step of the way. Yet .. go an see it, its extraordinary. It's like a beach in Thailand.

Milina is where I stop to buy suntan cream at the pharmacy and eat calamari next to the sea. There are numerous tavernas. You have some tzatziki, calamari, a beer and some watermelon. Then you walk around, hop into the bakery for a fresh slice of kadaifi sweet. Wait a bit and go for a swim.

Now you pass Kotes. It means chickens.

You keep driving, now you are tired the road winds and winds, the smell of blossoming pears fills your nostrils. Then you arrive at Trikeri. There is the Plateia a square, order some souvlaki with oregano chips. Stay in a room you have rented. Walk around, go down to Agia Kiriaki, there are boats, houses , people and fishermen. I think you can eat more fish there. Make a friend. There is a lighthouse about 5km from Agia Kiriaki. There is nobody there anymore, but perhaps one day I can tell you what happened there!

Sleep there , wake up early, costume, towel, suntan and water, go find a beach. They are not the easiest. You climb through fences, walk over goat lands and the reach the beach. Swim go back , sleep, it's cool the evening mountain air.

Read, do yoga, swim , eat. Nobody to bother you, purest nature. Pilion at it's best.

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