Weekend trip to Athens

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If you're planning a trip to Greece, you'll probably be looking for some good deals and discounts so that you can save money on your trip. If you've already reserved a flight to Greece and you know where you're going, you may think it's all set for great fun and relaxation. But if you don't have enough time or money for your trip yet, don't fret. Here are some ways to find great deals on flights to Greece:

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- Searching online for flights to Greece is one of the best ways to save money if you're planning a trip to Greece. You can even search for flights to specific destinations, depending on your interest in visiting Greece or the rest of the European islands. If you've already reserved a flight to Greece, you can search for discounted tickets by checking online and comparing prices from different carriers. If you haven't reserved a flight yet, though, you can still get great deals on flights to the islands by searching for flights to any destination that has flights to Greece, including more distant destinations like Portugal or England.

Athens is a tourist's paradise. I managed to visit it only once, but the impressions were enough for a lifetime. The luckycar service, where I rented a car, helped to save time on a two-day trip.

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- Travel agents often offer a combined ticket package. These packages allow you to save more money on your trip if you book a flight to Greece along with a hotel stay, because they'll earn their commission from hotels. If you're staying in a major hub like at Athens or other major cities, you'll probably find that you get a discount on those hotels because they'll be booking a lot of rooms. That's why it's important to search for flight packages to Greece online; it may be less expensive to buy a combined ticket package than it is to purchase separate tickets from individual travel agencies. In addition, you can still get good discounts on flights to Greece.

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- If you prefer a mix of sightseeing, eating out in touristy areas, and traveling within Greece, consider taking a day tour to Athens. There are several typical day tours that depart from major airports near the capital. You can check online ahead of time to see which airlines offer these tours. Each tour varies slightly, so you'll want to read what's offered and choose a relatively inexpensive package if it suits your travel budget. On these short trips, you'll likely have some opportunity to visit the archeological sites around Athens as well. These sites have been identified as World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

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- Another idea for a weekend trip to Athens would be to take a one-day trip to Thessaloniki. This island city is a popular resort town, and many visitors choose this route for their second weekend vacation to Athens. As you might expect, you'll find plenty to do in this area, including visiting some of the more popular tourist attractions. There's also plenty to learn about the fascinating history of this capital city.

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Most weekend trips to Athens involve visiting either Piraeus or Mykonos. Piraeus is Greece's largest port, and is a great place to explore while you're there. Mykonos has a rich and colorful past, and provides an exciting destination for visitors interested in ancient ruins and beaches. These islands offer an excellent mix of modern amenities along with fine eating and nightlife. Make sure you leave enough time to see all you want to in order to maximize your experience.