Top Places To Visit in Southwest

Photo of Top Places To Visit in Southwest by Thomas Dodge's Great Southwest

The land in the Southwest is so entirely different and bizarre to the East Coast of cities, small hills, and damp summers that it can feel like a completely separate country sometimes. It is also possibly one of the most constantly stunning places in the country. Over a third of the national parks of the nation are in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Nevada, and Utah, and some of the most exclusive cities in the country are west of the Rockies too.

Mentioned below are the most popular natural wonders of great southwest

• The Grand Canyon: It sits along the Colorado River in northwestern Arizona and is perhaps one of the most popular natural wonders of the world. A trip to the Southwest will remain incomplete without it.

• Joshua Tree National Park: Located in California on the edge of the Colorado and Mojave Deserts Joshua is known for its eponymous yucca trees, which were named by the Mormons for their similarity to the Biblical character Joshua reaching his arms up in prayer.

• Route 66: A huge portion of “The Mother Road” runs via the American Southwest. Route 66 starts in Chicago and runs all through to Los Angeles, cutting through Arizona and New Mexico, Though the route has strictly been obsolete for years now, lots of hardier road trippers will drive portions of it and visit the old towns all along the pathway.

• Desert Skies: Those of stay in East Coast cities do not get to spend much time staring up at the stars. There is too much light pollution, and at any rate, the views are often obstructed by buildings or trees. The center of the American desert, though, is one of the most excellent places in the country to go stargazing.

• Canyonlands: The Green Rivers and Colorado managed to carve a landscape out of southeastern Utah, and they run to do it in a comparatively accessible place. Canyonlands is close to Moab, by the Colorado border, and is well located to be part of a much bigger trip.

There are many blog which has been written based on great southwest culture as well as the natural wonders of great southwest.