4 Soulful Experiences in Rishikesh, The Yoga Capital of the World


Exploring The Enchanted City, Rishikesh

Meditation in the mighty Ganga River, Rishikesh

Photo of 4 Soulful Experiences in Rishikesh, The Yoga Capital of the World by Dinal Jain

Rishikesh, widely known as the yoga capital of the world, is truly a blissful place to be. I don't say this lightly. The collective energy of a magnificent water body, the Ganga, the hills surrounding her and the nature that houses us is otherworldly.

According to one of the legends, Rishikesh got its name from the lord of senses, Hrishikesh. He is said to be one of the forms of the Hindu God Vishnu. As a blessing to Rabhya Rishi, who meditated in these forests, Lord Hrishikesh granted him to name the place after him. It was a gift for the yogi who succeeded in controlling the senses.

Rishikesh, even today stands true to this. It has remained to be a safe space for people who want to know their inner selves and walk on the path of being conscious.

1. Yoga and Meditation

I would describe yoga and mediation to be the magic that we can create and feel. As too good to be true that it sounds, I have first-handedly experienced it. You'll find various people, schools, ashrams and cafes that provide yoga and mediation classes. It's upon you to find the right teacher for you.

What makes yoga so special here is that the geography of this place, it elevates your experience further. The sound of the flowing river, water gushing, the fragrance of chilling crystal water, the birds flying, the praying energy- full of hope— All these elements come together to create a chrysalis of serenity.

In this city, lined with various peaceful spots, you can easily find a place to stay still and listen to your true self.

Right from beginner yoga to advanced practice, you can begin your journey of transformation.

The Cost of Exchange of Energies

Rs. 300 per class is the basic fee that a yoga facilitator will charge.

You can also join monthly classes, starting from Rs. 4000 per month.

2. Body Movement (Dance)

Our body is the greatest artwork. If you want to indulge in the miraculous possibilities of your body, body movement is for you. It is a form of dance to awaken the consciousness in every move, in every step and every inch inside.

Dancing is a form of expression, and body movement takes it to the next level. It is the complete sync of the physical body, mind and soul vibrating on healing music.

I took a few classes of body movement with my guide, Prince. He explains how "movement is medicine". Our body is capable of helping us to heal. Awareness and expression can let us feel alive.

Nature plays a major role in reminding us and holding us with love. It urges us to embrace the basic 5 elements that we are made of— water, air, wind, earth, and fire.

It also aids in grounding us and controlling our senses rather than having our senses control us.

Apart from the restorative benefits, body movement dance is also a way of telling your story. To express your feelings, be it love, anger, sadness, happiness and more.

The Cost of Exchange of Energies

Rs. 300-350 per session

Photo of 4 Soulful Experiences in Rishikesh, The Yoga Capital of the World by Dinal Jain

3. Sound Healing

The first time I visited Rishikesh, in my own understanding, I called it the city of music. In every corner of this city, you'll find music playing. Music can coddle your senses with its vibrations. It really has the potential to improve physical and emotional health and well-being.

Sound healing practitioners in Rishikesh conduct this very soothing experience. They orchestrate a series of harmonising sounds and music that connects with the human body. It makes use of various musical instruments like singing bowls, flutes, tuning forks and more.

Sound healing lets you experience deep relaxation, release emotional trauma and relieves stress.

4. Art Therapy

Rishikesh is a big canvas for artists. Several walls are painted by artists depicted religious or psychedelic paintings. Most of its cafes also lend their walls to murals and colourful creations. In all Rishikesh is a house to many artists. You can visit a cafe or shala that conducts art classes or workshops.

Play with paints and experience how calming it is. Sitting down and carefully crafting a painting from scratch will ground you and help you focus better. Besides who wouldn't love spilling some colours here and there.

There are more quirky experiences that you can opt for. From chakra healing to past life regression, there are a few more activities you can indulge in. Though all these depend on your intent and belief and so these are not what I promote or recommend.

Have you tried any of the above 4 beautiful activities? How was your experience? Was it helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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