A Date With Queen Of Hills-Massorrie

Photo of A Date With Queen Of Hills-Massorrie 1/5 by Rishabh Sinha
Photo of A Date With Queen Of Hills-Massorrie 2/5 by Rishabh Sinha
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When most of my work mates were planning their weekends by getting boozy and loaded in spine chilling month of December  I planned my meeting with the “Queen of hills”as I wanted to spent my weekends with her. So on friday evening I packed some maggie and snacks in my bag and took the bus from Delhi. Located in the Garhwal district of Himalayan ranges of Dehradun was the home of my ” Queen of hills” Massoorie.

Massoorie situated at a height of 2005m above the sea level was the place which multiplied my adrenalin rush with its thrilling mountains peaks,undefined tranquility,hushed valley and the dark woody setting of deodar and pines trees.

I was intensely excited to unearth the land of Mussoorie where even the tender  leaves of woody trees were freezing to the beauty of Mussoorie.It was piercing cold when I turned out from my hotel to explore the space but the fanaticism and spirit of seeing Mussoorie kept me warm. The first place where I rolled in was ‘The Mall’ also known  as The Mall road or I would say the life line of Mussoorie. The place was totally like hit the spot for shoppers and crowded with lots of shops,hotels,restaurant. I had a cup of coffee and baked Cookies in a shop which was certainly the best cookies I had ever tried. Seeing the enchanting views of valley while taking the sip of coffee was like icing on the cake.

I took auto rickshaw from the Mall Road to reach the ‘Gun hills’ . Breathing at a very short distance from Mall road Gun hills were the 2nd highest peak of the Mussoorie, and was a point of attraction for tourist and travellers. The 400ft high hill offered a breath taking views of Himalayan hills which was covered with the white curtain of snow . When I reached the top of the hill by climbing although ropeway was an alternative to reach there,the scene was mesmerizing.Being situated at an elevation of 400ft the hill provided my eyes with a picture of heaven as I could clearly saw many Himalayan ranges which was looking sublime .The hills also offered a bird eye view of the city and famous Doon valley which was encircled with the rich Greenery.

Moving about 5 km from Gun hills I could see the highest peak of Mussoorie ‘Laal Tibba” or in literal meaning Red hill. Standing at a height of 8000m the hill was located in the landour area of Mussoorie. The hill was an adventurous spot. The cold breeze of the hill brought the smell of the snow , the leaves with water droplets and the dense pines and spruces forest were welcoming me.And the top of the hill accorded the majestic views of the Shivalik ranges. There was an old telescope which was fixed on the cliff offered the panaromic views of Badrinath,Kedarnath and many divine Himalayan ranges. The rich flora embraced by the  perfect placidity  were making it more heavenly.Watching the sunset from the highest peak of Mussoorie was the miracle being witnessed alive. I spent 2 hours there in the complete calmness of nature and the resplendent border of Himalayas.

After “Laal Tibba” I again took the auto for the famous “Kempty falls” which was almost around 15  km from Mussoorie on Mussoorie Dehradun Highway. The driver had an excellent collection of songs which really made me amazed . The waterfalls which was located at an altitude of 4500ft was a something which I use to say a picture to capture. Fenced in by the mountains cliffs and sprawling greenery it was looking like the nature’s personal lake. The quite atmosphere of the place was echoing with the chirping of birds ,the streams of water colliding the rocks  and the cold breezes which were striking the woods of Pines and Oak.TheKempty fall was a famous picnic spot for the tourist and a paradise for photo freaks.

Few kilometers away from Kempty fall and at a distance of 9 km from Mussoorie the “Bhatta falls” was the another beautiful natural waterfall near Bhatta village. Coming down from a height of 30ft it merged into a natural pond where people use to take Even swim. The place was not only decorated by the naturals adornments and excotic scene but the children park and some amusement spots were also present over there making it idol for picnic spot for the tourist.

Located just in the centre of Mussoorie was the 3km long “Camel road” which was flaunting with its natural composition . The walk under nature was certainly the best part of the visit as it boosted a calm side of me and made me feel the innerself.The natural shape of rocks resembling the hump’s of camel pulled its name the Camel road. My walk under nature started from the library Point to Kulri Bazaar.Witnessing the Sun rise from there made me spell bound .It was divine and romantic as well. I wanted that journey never to bring to an end.

Walking up in the dark forest of deodar and oak,seeing the romantic sunrise in the refined harmony ,witnessing the kings of Mountains Himalays wearing the coat of snow and the crown of clouds ,the melodious music of the waterfall and the unique lifestyle of Garhwal village  made my date with my Queen of hills – Mussoorie lasting and top drawer

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