Pindari Glacier Trek

18th May 2022
Photo of Pindari Glacier Trek by Baaromaas Travel

Brief Description

Envision a picturesque heaven which has amazing perspectives on snow-clad pinnacles playing find the stowaway with each passing mists. Then, at that point, there are spouting streams, cascades and lavish green glades that make you succumb to its excellence right away. The path to the ice sheet is an entrancing stroll in itself as you go past the rhododendron woods. Delightful mountain goes that look imaginative from a good ways and little streams and waterway crossing that make the journey somewhat more daring.

A scene that has been a motivation for some specialists which is arranged in the Kumaon Himalayas without a doubt is a treat for all travelers and mountain climbers. The Pindari Glacier journey is one of those trips that leaves you in complete stunningness of the environmental elements. You can likewise visit the neighborhood towns and get to have some familiarity with about their way of life and customs exhaustively. Dazzling water bodies, beguiling wooden scaffolds have their own appeal and will make your journey considerably really fulfilling.

Pindari Glacier Trek is a simple journey in the Kumaon district of Uttarakhand. This journey offers clear cut path with only one minor pass crossing in transit to the Pindari Glacier Dhakuri Pass. The perspectives from the pass the Dhakri Khal (2830m) – are especially noteworthy and incorporate the many snow-covered pinnacles that structure the southern edge of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary.

Brief Itinerary

Day 01-Kathgodam to Kahrkia

* Elevation 7300 ft.

* Distance-210 Km. 9-10 hrs

* Short term visit in Guest House

* Get time 06:00 am at the stopping of Kathgodham railroad station.

* Course:- Kathgodam - Bheem Tal – Almora-Bageshwar-Kapkot-Loharkhet

*BSNL network accessible

Day 02-Trek to Khati

*Elevation 7300 ft to 7,400 ft

*Journey 4 km

*Arrive at Khati before lunch

*Convenience in tent

Day 03-Khati to Dwali

*Height: 7,300 ft to 8,600 ft

*Time taken: 6-7 hours

*Distance: 13 km

Day 04-Dwali to Phurkia

*Elevation: 8,600 ft to 10,500 ft

*Distance: 5 km

*taken: 3 hours

Day 05-Phurkia to Zero Pint Pindari Glacier and return to Phurkia

*Height: 10,500 ft and 12,300 ft

*Time taken: 7 hours

*Distance: 16 km

Day 06-Phurkia to Khati by means of Dwali

*Elevation: 10,500 ft to 7,300 ft

*Time taken: 7-8 hours

*Distance: 18 km

Day 07-Khati to Kharkia and Drive back to Kathgodam

*Elevation: 7,300 ft to 7,400 ft

*Time taken: 1 hour journey

*Distance: 4 km

*Drive-180 km