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This was the First trek of my life, and the truth is before my wedding I couldn't think about trekking. My husband is from Uttarakhand better known as Dev Bhumi ( God's Land).

The Pindari Glacier is a glacier found in the upper reaches of the Kumaon Himalayas, to the southeast of Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot. The glacier is about 9 kilometers long and gives rise to the Pindar River which meets the Alakananda at Karnaprayag in the Garhwal district.


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Pindari trek Map from Kapkote, Bageshwar, UK

There are many routes to reach Pindari Glacier Zero Point, since my Home is 60 km away from my trek destination I followed the different one.

The Pindari Glacier trek is one of those treks that leaves you in complete awe of the surroundings. Before leaving for the trek, check all the necessary items to keep. The last market to buy anything is the Bharari Market, here you will get all the items. In Bharari, there is the taxi stand, where you will get taxi in sharing also in booking. Also the ATM machine beyond this location is not available, so make sure that you are carrying the sufficient amount of cash as there is no Mobile network signal beyond Kharkia.

At Khati there are some home stay, camping is also possible. here onwards, the cost of food will be more. On this trail, you'll get to see a blend of both rhododendrons and oak trees which add a different charm to the environment.

The weather on the way from Khati to Dwali is unpredictable so it is important to start the day early just in case if it starts to rain. This route offers various ascends and descends so it is important that you watch your step as some of the areas are slippery.

My journey started with uncertainty we actually plan to visit Kedarnath temple and we already booked the place over there but suddenly some mishap occurred in the family and visit to temple got cancelled so immediately we plan to visit Pindari glacier as it is 60 km far from my home.

Me along with my husband and my brother in law the younger one left for it, without any plan, without any gadgets it was the first trek for us. So for planning proper Pindari Glacier Trek I would suggest you to carry all the the necessary things like water bottle and make sure you should not throw anything during the trek also it is required to wear proper shoes like a hiking shoe or sport shoe can also work here I did a mistake I wore a Woodland ankle length boot due to which I felt difficulties in climbing the mountains but still I managed to reach out the destination. I visited there May in 2019, so I would suggest during the trekking light jacket is also fine because there was no snow during the tracking but at the destination you will find the snow covered mountains. And regarding the trekking pole if you already have it's well and good and if you don't have a simple bamboo stick will work and on the way you will get many stick over there for the same purpose.

We started our journey from our home and reached to a location known as Kharkiya via Bolero. And this was the last stop where a four wheeler can reach so from this place onwards we started our trek. And coincidentally here we meet our tourist guide Mr. Prakash, who described us about the route and how to reach to the destination. We hired him and our trek started with the Idol of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Sai Baba, We prayed for the success of the trek. In the way, we met two cute little Tibetan Mastiff, one not more than 6 months old and the other one was around 1 year, and I felt very connected with the former one who followed us till the destination.

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You will be mesmerized with the sight. Full of greenery, mountains, small waterfalls and one of the best part is the kids of the village. They walk miles to reach the school and every time the will greet you Namaste that literally took my heart and the way they will walk on the trail, you will forget about the trek you started. In the way you will come across with a place for tea break near Jaikuni elevation.

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First stop near Village Khati

By the evening we reached to village Dau in Khati, where we stayed at in Mount view Tourist Rest House and Restaurant, Dau, Khati. The best part for all the tourist here, at first you will be seeing the banner in which there is the road map of trekking route to Kafni Glacier, Pindari Glacier and Sunderdunga Glacier.

This is the place near which you will have an helipad for private chopper, after keeping our luggage to the rest house, we climbed to the helipad and the view awesome. You will see the snow capped mountains, feel the cold breeze, and the beautiful Village Khati was beautified by The Hans Foundation which has Organized Integrated Village Development Program in Pindari Uttarakhand. It was the last village which was unnoticed. With the efforts of THF now the village is developing from health to education, livelihood to resource management and from self sustaining to profit generating unit.

Coming to the Mount view Tourist Rest House, since the power cables are difficult to sustain, the owner has its personal solar panel to run the Rest House. Owner himself will make the food and he is such a friendly guy

Next Morning we left the place and started our trek. there are are may ascends and descends, being very new to trekking, I felt tired, but the scenery was so calming, it re-energizing I continued the journey. there were so many huts and places for resting constructed by the Uttarakhand PWD (UEAP-ADB, Kapkote) , it was appreciable. and regarding drinking water, there is flowing water sources melted from the mountains and the taste of the waster was sweet like the Packaged drinking water, that you don't require to purchase drinking water.

The cleanliness was so maintained, in every miles you will find the dustbin placed by the PWD. You will come across with so many bridges, so many flowing water resources, you will love the place.

On the way you will come across various Tea & Maggie points and places to rest with proper seating arrangement and established by the Uttarakhand PWD (UEAP-ADB, Kapkote). The owner of the Tea & Maggie Point will do up and down everyday to earn their livelihood. Each and every one we met over there all were pleasing they will sometimes share their stories, they even allow you to cook Maggie

In the way we met a person who was the owner of the pups accompanying us, one of which returned with his owner, and the little one was so much attached to us, that it continued with us.

Beyond this, the coldness will increase and you will be able to see the are from where the Pinder River exploded during the Kedarnath Tragedy in 2013. Still in 2019, the mountains cut through the Flood was clearly visible.

Before 1 km to Dwali, we have to cross the same area, i.e., Pinder River, where there are 2 temporarily build wooden bridges, which is not fixed, every year it will flow with water when this route is closed during the rainy season. A tragedy occurred with me too here that I fall just crossing the first bridge. This incident made me shiver and took some time to move ahead as I was able to see our next Stop. I stood and continued.

Here we stayed in Government Built Guest House. People over here are satisfying, they provided us so much comfort. We stayed overnight inglenook with live fire in the room.

Next day we continued moving forward towards Furkiya, a shorter distance of 5km for 3 Hours. Here we will come move forward in the engrossing view of beautiful rhododendron forests (In Uttarakhand better known as Bhuras)

There will be the final two stream crossings which are layers of hard snow. You will find hard snow in the month of April and May when you may require the help of an ice axe, microspikes and crampons. As you reach the Phurkia campsite, relax and enjoy your time with some tea and snacks. You can plan here a small Bon-fire with hot dinner.

A beautiful walk toward the Pindari Glacier which will thrill you to the fullest. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach the glacier and later that amount of time to come back to Phurkia. And in the similar manner we came back.

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From the inner core to the outer Universe, with peaks and valleys, with love and laughter, will be together.. Today and Forever