Gangotri – The home of Holy Ganges

27th Sep 2006

Aaaannnnn..!!!! With another experience of Gangotri. I had been there 4-5 times but I will share my experience of the first visit. It was around 10 Years back in 2005. My first trip to this holy place. It was a four dham tour but I will write about Gangotri only at this time. After Completing Yamunotri Dham we started to visit next dham. On a way there are so many beautiful mountain range, Holy places one can see. Places like Uttarkashi where you will see the unbelievable trident of old age of India during Mahabharata period. No one know the depth of that trident and when you touch it, it'll be shaking but when you try by force its will not shake.

Next destination on a way is Harshil, it's a virgin destination which you have never explored. Very few people know about it but when somebody reach here then they love the destination. Beautiful!!!!

Now time to write about Gangotri Dham. The last point of road is Gangotri in this way. In India i think everyone know the importance of this Temple. The best thing in this trip of Gangotri, The Actress Hema Malini also visited that day when we reached there. She just crossed me 2 feet far from me. And I was thinking I can also try for Movies because I felt her height was approx 5' 2' or 5'3'. I took a bath with water of Holy Ganges and also drank it. The attraction were Surajkund, Kedar Ganga small River there. It's enough from my side about Gangotri as most of the people know about this destination.