The First Mangla Aatri Of The Season

21st Jul 2019


Photo of The First Mangla Aatri Of The Season by Sarah
Day 1

I had the opportunity to attend one of the most auspicious festives of hindu culture and learn about its history.

Being a hindu myself I learned a lot of things which even I was unaware about and although i have a pretty biased opinion about this as I was a atheist myself for quite a long time

But that is a story for some other time

Any way back to festives

Did u now? There are 84 ghats in Varanasi alongs with submerging of 5 rivers and a lot of stories related to that and the name Banaras is given because it means 82 ghats originally existed and 2 have been added recently by our govt.

I now i get lost a lot!

Ok no more off topics now ok just one!

There are 2 entrance to the temple one for normal people and one for VIPs

There is a screen to see the ritual and it is still under construction

I found that kind discriminating yet obsolate because I myself attended through a VIP ticket that made us sit infront of the gates of the Shivaling and see the ritual being performed

Ok back to it!

First the history!

When u enter u see a part of the area under construction

And the a heavily guarded Mosque just next to it with White Minaret and black walls

And the Temple next to it with Golden and White Sikhara

The story in short is when Turkish and Mughal rulers came they destroyed the temples and took the gold

And when Aurangzeb came in power he broke the Shivaling in half and threw it in the well killing all the Hindus

And build a mosque in place of it

Later a hindu ruler by the name of Somnath he was a Gujarati ruler he sent his swimmers down the well in search for the Shivaling but could not find it,

Therefore the only original proof of history there is the Nandi statue and the well it was thrown in

Now the ritual

We are first called and seated at the four door facing the Shivaling

A priest chants shiv mantras while washing the Shivaling with holy water from three rivers Ganga Yamuna and Saraswati.

He then proceedes to apply roli and haldi to the three corners othe temple that has the the status of Kali Vishnu And Ganesh

He then pours milk, curd, ghee, honey on the Shivaling

Further he showers the Shivaling with shower that is connected directly to the Ganga along with holy water frm Yamuna and Saraswati while chanting mantras,

After cleansing the surrounding he drys the surroundings

Then Pours oil, scented extracts and with the help of the oldest priest covers the Shivaling with a paste of chandan and ashes (from the ganga Aarti) and covers the Shivaling with bail leaves with Ram written on it.

He also places fruits, sweets and other eminents around the Shivaling

He then procedes to decorates the surrouding with flowers and a flower Mukut (crown) is made and is place on top of the Shivaling

In the end a series of light camphor is place and lit along with the Aarti thali and the bells and shank is rang in harmony with the Shiv Mantras

I do not know about you but for me it was a peaceful and spiritual experience with lots of learning...