Pros and cons of staying in Vietnam

5th Mar 2018
Photo of Pros and cons of staying in Vietnam by Mike Hammelton

Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of tourists who often visit this Asian country.

Experienced travelers say that Vietnam is a whole world, which is impossible to get to know "at a jump". Tourists speak about this country in different ways, and people who have never been here sometimes hesitate to go on such a trip because of the mass of conflicting reviews.

In this article, we have collected the main pros and cons of Vietnam holidays, highlighted by travelers.

Travelers consider the local climate and weather to be one of the main advantages.

According to reviews, in Vietnam it is softer than in other countries of Southeast Asia. As a rule, people vacationing in local resorts do not suffer from migraines, sudden surges in blood pressure and other health problems, however, this is still a more individual issue.

Travelers also highlight the beautiful and diverse nature. Mountains and waterfalls, lakes and caves, dunes, canyons, islands and rice plantations - the views are as varied as possible, interesting and varied.

An important plus - low prices for tours, as well as staying directly in Vietnam itself. Tourists call the prices for food, bat dong san , rental housing and excursions affordable and even profitable. In addition, the dishes here are not only nutritious, but also delicious.

The variety of hotels is often mentioned, which means that every tourist will be able to find a place to stay within their means. In addition, most hotels boast good chung cu and service.

If we talk about the minuses, travelers consider the terrible road conditions to be the main one.

Taxi drivers, as well as indigenous people, often do not follow traffic rules, which is why a banal crossing of the road even in a permitted place can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences.

The language problem also affects the quality of rest. If you know English quite well and are going to Vietnam with the thought that this universal language of communication will help you out in any situation, do not flatter yourself.

Most Vietnamese people simply do not speak it, which means that sometimes you have to communicate with them in sign language. In addition, you can often hear complaints about local “entrepreneurs” - traders in all kinds of shops and markets who cheat, overcharge, sell low-quality goods, and generally think only about how to get as much money out of a foreigner's wallet as possible.