My walking tour through Iceland

1st Sep 2015

Iceland is a beautiful yet pretty difficult country to travel. First of all, it is because of its harsh climate and relatively high prices. If you have stayed there for a week and it didn't rain, it's kind of a miracle. Often, there is a strong wind that sometimes turns into a hurricane. However, this didn't stop me. I decided to conquer Iceland taking a tent along with me in order to save my budget.

In recent years, Iceland has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. In my opinion, this is due to the fact that the country is extraordinarily beautiful. When I was choosing a route for my next trip, I wanted to visit a country free of numerous tourists and onlookers. I've got so tired of the noisy cities. That is why I picked Iceland.

Below, I will tell you about my journey to Iceland lasting a week. It was in August. Most travelers agree that July and August are two the most comfortable months to explore the country.

When going to Iceland, I was aware of the changeable weather and low temperatures. So I took a lot of warm clothes with me. It is necessary here. You'd better get out your cosmetic products from the backpack in favor of one more warm jacket. However, even if your travel bag is packed with clothes, you need to stay mobile. So use precious space in your luggage wisely.

I decided to walk a lot. Yes, at first I wanted to rent a car, but it is too expensive in Iceland. Walking tour is beautiful in its own way. Looking back, I did not regret making this decision at all. On the contrary, it has many advantages, so I recommend you to do the same.

The first thing that struck me a lot was the fact that there were almost no people. I don't mean tourists. I rarely met even locals. But having talked to some of them, I can say that they are quite restrained. Perhaps it is because of the harsh weather conditions. Nevertheless, they are polite and easy to talk to.

There are quite a lot of camping areas in Iceland. As I've mentioned before, I've also decided to take a tent. It's much cheaper and allows you to see the country from within. In addition, there are almost all the facilities available. However, you have to extra pay for some of them. Toilet and shower are free of charge.

Like many travelers, I decided to explore Iceland in order to see the Northern Lights. It was a kind of obsession to me. Once, I've seen a picture at which left me speechless. How could it be real? Are you kidding me? After that, I made a decision to see this extraordinary natural phenomenon with my own eyes. To be honest, I was a bit afraid that bad weather could prevent me from doing so. But I feel blessed to have seen it. One night, the weather was calm and I observed the northern lights. It's as if to catch the dream. You are just standing there mesmerized. As I discovered later, some people are even afraid of this phenomenon. Such strong feelings it causes.

Have you ever seen icebergs? It's incredible. When you observe how calmly they float on the lakes, you cannot say even a word. The picture is the most beautiful at sunset. The sun's rays shimmer on the glaciers with pink and gold colors. It is the fascinating game of light.

Iceland also is well-known as the country of numerous waterfalls. Some of them are tall while others are not. But staying close to them is not that comfortable. The wind is particularly strong. In addition, there are a lot of water spray, so it is easy to get wet.

As for the weather, it is very moody. During my trip, I saw practically everything: rain, fog, hail, storm, sun, and frost. So you should be prepared to get soaked to the skin. If the day temperature is more or less comfortable, the nights are very cold. I literally froze when sleeping in my tent. So once again, draw your attention to warm clothing. It is never too much. Especially if you are in Iceland.

I will never forget my trip to Iceland. This is a country like no other. Yes, it has a severe climate, but as people say, no pain – no gain. If you are a savvy traveler tired of the popular tourist destinations and willing to enjoy the rare phenomena of nature, choose Iceland as your next point of destination.

 Photo of My walking tour through Iceland 1/1 by Kristen Henderson