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The medieval city of Cordoba stands out for its peaceful co-existence of three religions—Islamic, Jewish, and Christian. While the spectacular architecture and cultural blend is a major draw for travellers, I’m here on a mission to uncover the amazing food of this Andalusian city. My initiation into the cuisine starts with two local favourites: Salmorejo, a cold and creamy soup made with tomato, bread, olive oil, vinegar, and garlic, served at almost every tavern and bar (it comes with small pieces of hard-boiled eggs and Ibérico ham). The other is frituras that comes in three kinds: croquettes fried in extra virgin olive oil; eggplant slices fried in honey; Ibérico pork fillet rolled in Ibérico ham, coated with flour and eggs, and then fried in olive oil.DESTINATION GUIDE For our take on the best food haunts in Europe, go to

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