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The Himeji Castle is built in the 17th century where the technology of the original castle construction is said to be at the zenith of Japan technology.It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993, the very first in Japan. Its elegant finished with white lime plasters had always been compared to the flying white egret (Hakuro). To the locals, it is sometimes also known as the Hakuro Castle. Recently the castle is reopened in 2015 after a 5 and a half years renovation, now it is the time to visit this amazing castle.The architecture itself is one to marvel with and to be studied closely when one had the chance. Though the entrance fee is quite steep at 1000 yen in 2015. Visiting this castle extensively would easily take half a day.Direct JR special rapid trains (shin-kaisoku) take 90 minutes and cost 2270 yen for the one way trip between Kyoto and Himeji. There are departures roughly every 15 minutes.

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