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World Heritage: Nikkō (1 day) Hop on a train from Tokyo early in the morning and head north to discover the grandiose sanctuary of Nikkō, lost in the middle of the mountains. Now, major tourists sights like this are always a bit painful to visit (especially in Japan where tourists love to pose in front of every. single. thing.), however this Unesco-listed site is well worth the trouble. The sanctuaries here are a lot more extravagant than what you’ll see in the rest of Japan: you might end up feeling a bit dizzy from the hundreds of sculptures, the abundance of detail, the flashy colours, and all that gold. You probably won’t feel touched by the spiritual power of the place that much, but dayum! you’ll definitely be impressed. Bring a jumper (and an umbrella), it can get chilly and wet up there in the mountains.

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