6 Days
Trek to Sandakphu

Well, I have always loved traveling. And mountains, even more so. I find peace among the mountain...

Gaurav agarwal
9 Days
Sandakphu Memoir

I had loved trekking from my childhood. Not that I had done many or any, I just loved the idea of...

Jayanth Bunty
9 Days
Mount Sandakphu – The place where you can see the Himalayas

Sandakphu is a wonderland for the trekkers. It's located at an altitude of 11,929ft (i.e. 3,636 m...

Yashvardhan Rathi
6 Days
5 Day North Bengal Trek - TheWayfarerStory

  Tumling is a small hamlet in Jogmai VDC, Ilam District of Nepal. A tourist attraction i...

Sumant Agarwal
11 Days
Trekking for the sun: Singalila Ranges

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but noone thinks of changing himself." - Leo To...

Saikkat Dasgupta

Day 6, going Back to Kathmandu-ThamelHeading to the Bus Terminal in the early morning and going back to Kathmandu city with again 7 hour ride on the Bus..reach the Hotel at Thamel distric, this time I booked the hotel near the garden you should visit if you reach Kathmandu City.. it is Garden Of DreamsGarden of Dream , it was created in 1920, with 6 pavilions, fountain landscape,its design with europeans Gardens, really enjoying the view, you can sitting there relaxing with doing some activity like reading books, or taking some pictures ,you can visit the Museum ,and also you can sitting in the restourant inside enjoyig the coffee or some meals.
Best time to visit - September to December
Gangtok is the capital city of the north Indian state of Sikkim. Built up as a Buddhist journey site in the 1840s, the city got to be capital of an autonomous government after extinction of British principle, however it joined India in 1975. Today, it remains a Tibetan Buddhist focus and a base for climbers sorting out licenses and transport for treks through Sikkim's Himalayan mountain ranges. Settled inside higher crests of the Himalaya and relishing a year-round gentle calm atmosphere, Gangtok is at the center point of Sikkim's tourism industry. The accommodation business is the biggest business in Gangtok as the city is the main base for Sikkim tourism. Summer and spring seasons are the most prominent visitor seasons. Large portions of Gangtok's occupants are utilized specifically and in a roundabout way in the tourism business, with numerous inhabitants owning and working in Hotels. Ecotourism has risen as an essential monetary action in Gangtok which incorporates trekking, mountaineering, stream rafting and other practices.
Best time to visit - March,April,May,June,October,November,December
One would assume that Thimphu is still settling into its role as the capital of one of the happiest countries in the world, Bhutan. Simple at heart, grappling with growing commercialisation, Thimphu is bustling with energy and is the heart of the country. Thimphu is a delight to explore if history interests you and also if you want a break from the quiet and serenity of Bhutan. Brimming with cafes, nightclubs and restaurants, the city welcomes people from all over the world with open arms. While here, do check out Changangkha Lhakhang, one of the oldest temples in Bhutan, the National Folk Heritage Museum which offers a peek into the life of the Bhutanese people, especially the rural way of life. There are tons of parks, gardens and galleries in and around Thimpu and you cover most of these in a single day depending on your interests. The exhibits here range from archaic to contemporary and are definitely worth taking a look at.
Patan : 3rd Busiest city of Nepal after Kathmandu and PokharaTake a taxi to Patan and indulge in more temples sight-seeing. You must drop-in to see the Living Goddess. You can have lunch and then head back to Kathmandu.
Best time to visit - March,April,May
Bhutan has gradually become a popular tourist destination. And if you are visiting Bhutan, you can't possibly miss the lovely city of Paro. Considered to be one of the most beautiful valleys in Bhutan, it is definitely a must visit! A perfect mix of culture, beauty, nature and history, Paro offers you an experience unlike another. Do visit the unofficial Taktsang Monastery or Tiger's Nest, which is a delight for trekkers and explorers! Located on a hill, the trek to this monastery is something you'll always remember. Do carry water, wear proper shoes before you start your trek lest the number of halts increases your trek time. Another wonderful place to visit is the National Museum of Bhutan which is located in a former watch tower and hosts a collection of artefacts tracing the history of Bhutan. Among other places to visit, Rinpung Dzong and Drakhapo are definitely worth visiting. The Paro market is also a great place to explore and makes for a perfect location for an evening stroll. If you don't want to stay in the city, Paro is where you should head to. The lush valleys here are a delight to explore and the streams and meadows are nothing less than a postcard.
Never miss to visit this Ancient City, Bhaktapur, as a tourist oustide Nepal and India, you must buy entry ticket for $15, well no wonder with the price, as in my Country when you entering Borobudur Temple( Indonesia), the Price will be the same for the Tourist who entering the Temple Area.Since the Earthquake on 2015, there are some temples broken, even its totally damage , and when I was there, there are still some renovation and rebuilt in some area as its totally flat with the lands, a tour guide with us at that time and he telling us all the story about the History of Bhaktapur City.. its more like the Journey of Budha and also the Hindu, as it is represented in the Buildings and the Temples arounds.

About Rimbick

We descended down to Rimbik the next day and started coming closer and closer to civilization. It was a marginal descent as we broke for lunch rather early at Srikhola. There was a river gushing by and everyone took a chance to dip their feet in the freshly made water. Post lunch I went for a nap on some of the boulders deposited on the river bed and it was peaceful as ever, as I heard the water flowing around me with the sounds of the bugs and the bees. There are always small moments that define a trip, lifting it out of the monotone and this was certainly one moment.By evening, we reached Rimbik town and settled down in our dorms for one last time. It was Giri’s birthday today and to everyone’s surprise the ladies conjured up a cake using mere biscuits without compromising on the taste! Later, as everyone winded down tired of the day long hike, suddenly a spurt of energy came about and we in the men’s dorm started dancing – Kishor, Tushar taking the initiative. The owner noticed us and asked the men to dance outside and it was such a ruckus! A drab night was suddenly transformed as everyone just broke free! The owner lady too later joined us, however mindful that tomorrow we need to leave early she asked us to stop, but the guys were having such a great time that we wouldn’t listen to her! Finally with the lines – “So jao gabbar aa jayega” she managed to convince the crowd to sleep and so we did, but not before our Neta – Shubham tried an attempt in vain.The next day the biggest concern in our minds was whether our train tickets would get confirmed or not, as we departed from Darjeeling by noon. With some last minute shopping at Goldentips, we took the Uttarbanga express by 6 in the evening from NJP reaching Sealdah early morning at 5. An Ola from Sealdah to Howrah Stn would take us via the Howrah bridge. With time on our hands, we tried some of the Bengali sweets and I became convinced that the Bengalis probably had the best food palate in India. We met Kishor and group on the station at platform no. 22, as the Duronto chugged in. Not disappointed by its efficiency, we reached CST the day next amidst all the comforts one can get, finally to put an end to this wonderful trip.There was certainly disappointment of not seeing the Kanchendzonga or the other 3 eight thousanders, but that curiosity shall pull me back again for some day I shall return to Himalayas, maybe not at Sandakphu, but some place else to earn a glimpse of the great mountains.This trip was originally published on ANOTHER ASSUMPTION

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