Shiogama Seafood Market
1-20-74, Shinhama-cho, Shiogama 985-0001
Naritasan Sendai Bunin
33-2 Aramaki Aoba, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980-0845
Akiu Village
32-1 Moniwa Nakayachi Minami, Taihaku-ku, Sendai 982-0251
Studios Show Time
6-3-1 Odawara, Aoba-ku, 2F, Sendai 980-0003
Taga Castle Ruins
Ichikawa, 城前, Tagajo 985-0864

Nikko truly is a magical place, because the next tale is also from this land of eternal beauty. I was handed a chit with the name of a vegan café in Nikko written in English. I walk up and down the lane twice, but unable to spot any shop with that name. I then spot a local unloading a dispatch truck, I show him the chit, hoping he would know the place. Hard luck, he did not. Good luck, he is a Japanese. Unlike what most of us would do, he did not send me away with a simply sorry. He first searched for the place on google map, figured it’s a two minute walk on the same lane I was and then took the chit from me and wrote the English word in Japanese characters, so that I can match it and identify the shop’s name board. All this took a good five-seven minutes, but that man was more than happy to help. And did I add, he did not know English, I did not understand Japanese. All you need to help someone, is intention I guess. I walk the lane for two minutes, now matching the board names with the chit in my hand and in a matter of time, I found what I was looking for, and realized the place did not have an English board at all. Thanks to the truck guy or I would have never found this place.Arigato Japan

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