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Tumling. Tumling lies on the border of India and Nepal. It is really impossible to distinguish whether it is in India or Nepal. We spend the night in the best accommodation, The Shikhar Lodge. The body longed to 'crash land' on the bed after a tiring day's trek. But the bitter cold and the howling winds that battered all night kept us all awake. We hoped to catch a glimpse of the legendary Sleeping Buddha, but gloomy overcast skies disappointed us.The trek from Tumling to Kalipokhri is a arduous fourteen kilometer walk. The road first descends to Gairibas and the climbs on to Kalipokhri passing Kayakata on the way. The sparsely populated alpine landscape is a visual treat with every turn bringing into view mind numbing scenery. At places barren hills give way to meadows dotted with rhododendrons; blooming, in full glory in the brisk spring air. The skies had cleared by now and we were now walking under a patchwork of azure and white.The ascent to Kalipokhri saw the weather turn for worse again. Clouds rolled in making us numb with cold once again. The with gale force winds threatened to throw us of the trail that at places barely clung on to the cliffs. Battered and tired, we almost crawled into Kalipokhri.

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