Purulia: Part 1

6th Mar 2018

Scraggy boulders and tranquil waters: The spiritual healing you crave for...

Photo of Purulia: Part 1 by Rishi Biswas

I will write an ocean with those emerald crystals, rippling off towards the rocks beneath azure horizons

Photo of Purulia: Part 1 1/2 by Rishi Biswas
Crystalline waters, Pic courtesy: Ritban Basu

You wake up a million times among these hues, with your conscience replenished with the expanse of the sky. A loveliness, rugged and splendid, nested in the furrows of the hills in Purulia awaits to grip you captivated...

Photo of Purulia: Part 1 2/2 by Rishi Biswas
That organic, craggy landscape, Pic courtesy: Ritban Basu

Feel the organic spirit of nature among scraggy boulders overhanging the waters. The wind whispers a rustic spiritualism to the languid visitors, tranquilized with romanticism and peace.

Nature uncovers itself with its untapped beauty and mystery when you land up in the Chotanagpur plateau. Purulia attracts tourists from far and wide, presenting a unadulterated specimen of weathered elegance. From the splendid forests to tearing rapids, weary dwellers of the city find a perfect abode of reconciliation in the district.

Cobalt blue waters, azure horizons, Pic Courtesy: Ritban Basu

Photo of Marble Lake, Purulia, West Bengal, India by Rishi Biswas

When your hankering for holiday grows too strong to resist, take a break for a week or so. You would not mind setting your thoughts free among the radiant horizons dotted with Palash forests. Scattered patches of these deciduous trees grow wide and unhindered in Purulia. Have a chat with the tribals in the villages, and feel the mystic charm that their lifestyle presents you with. The Kurmis and Santhals have preserved the traditional lifestyles of these hills for centuries.

Fiery grace of Palash, Pic Courtesy: Ritban Basu

Photo of Purulia: Part 1 by Rishi Biswas

Watch those wrinkled rocks beam on from the height, standing years of nature’s fury and exhaustion, P.C. Ritban Basu

Photo of Purulia: Part 1 by Rishi Biswas

Purulia is a land of red soil, and the best time to visit the place is January to March. If you love shivers, you can risk a trip to Purulia in December, when the temperature drops to 3 degrees at night. The rocky and undulating landscape forms the kernel of beauty of the tourist destination.

Purulia…and the riddles of nature: Rainbow on rocks

Spot the rainbow at the centre of the image, P.C. Ritban Basu

Photo of Purulia: Part 1 by Rishi Biswas

Well, you love watching rainbows across the horizons. This time, nature riddled us with its colours. A rainbow on the Bamni falls, arching over the mighty rocks, a visual treat you would not come across too often. As we descended over the rocks, balancing our way down, the rays of the March sun peered through the canopy of leaves. Nature has presented its colours through beauty and rage across seasons and time. And this time, it was different, something that one could paint through imaginations in wild fantasies.

The Bamni falls remains one of the places to explore when you are in Purulia. Nested on the way to Baghmundi, 52 Km. from the city, a secluded place can refine your conscience with the serenity of rugged nature. Before you reach the falls, you need to make your way across boulders and rivulets, crossing your path. Springtime in the hills is what poets and nature lovers have admired over the ages. And Purulia gives you a valid reason. Shrouded by dense vegetation, the flora comes has been home for birds of various species. You will find refreshments as you descend down the irregular slope, a few locals offering to be your guides. It is a great place to laze away a few hours with your friends or family.

I am not sure whether this was a ‘moment in a million years’, yet I find myself lucky enough to catch nature’s colours descend down the horizons on the rocks. Located close to the Bareria village, the perennial fall is not far from the Ayodhya Hills. Try out your luck when you are in Purulia.

This snapshot was taken on the way down to the Bamni falls. Look out for colours in the leaves, rocks and streams trickling along the boulders, a perfect treat for your visual senses

Photo of Bamni Falls, Ajodhya Hills Road, Barria, West Bengal, India by Rishi Biswas

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