Weekend Getaway - Sariska Tiger Camp (Alwar)


A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.This is what we all look out for .We were planning where to make headway for 2-3 days of holiday.After searching through numerous destinations, we zeroed on Sariska . Then came the task of selecting the hotel. We searched the net going through all resorts and hotels and then we came across this particular one. Beleive me the moment we saw the pictures we just wanted to go and stay their.It looked quite nice and picturesque. This is the Sariska Tiger camp. Have a look at it yourself .

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Well , we arrived at the hotel in the afternoon of one fine Saturday enjoying our 5 hours of Road trip(you could also take a train to alwar if you are not a big fan of road trips).We had gone in the winter season, however the days were still warm in alwar but don't let it mislead you and carry your jackets and sweaters as the nights are just too chilled.

The same evening we headed off to Siliserh Lake palace, well it used to be one, however currently it is more famous for the boat ride in the siliserh lake. The boat takes you down the entire circle in the water from where you can see the palace , the huge mountains view with the setting sun making the view more beautiful.And yes you can have some tasty snacks within the palace cafetaria after an awesome boat ride.

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Safari to Sariska tiger camp

The next day we planned to go for the ultimate yes the Sariska tiger camp. We went for the afternoon ride beginning at 2 pm. Wondering what we did before that?Well there are temples nearby which you can visit and which every one would suggest you.Mornings were dedicated to god.We headed off to the reserve for our adventure trip however we were still early and hence decided to explore the sariska palace just opposite to the reserve entry. I had expected that it would be something showcasing the grandeur and the lifes of maharaja's, however barring one small musuem room there was nothing else, but yes their was one silver lining, you can have good snacks and food to fill in your stomach before heading for the safari.It's 2 pm , time to meet the jungle king

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Headed on to the Sariska tiger camp safari in a full jeep.Excitement high just to get a glimpse of yes you guessed it right the tiger himself.On our way we were greeted by the deers, peacocks, wild boars,langurs and yes one fox also.

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our searchh carried us into the interiors of the jungle.And then at one place in the interiors we stopped.Our guide had just recognised the screeching of the monkeys and the birds, the sign of the tiger approaching.We waited with heavy breaths.Their was pin drop silence , hearts were beating fast,little scared also with the thought that from where the tiger might come out any minute.The silence was scaring us. Our bad luck our wait was not fruitful, the king refused to see us.Couldnt help it we had to satisfy ourselves with the visit of other inhabitants of the jungle.

Night we reached our Hotel tired and hungry and what better way than to eat a wholesome and tasty dinner.Yes the food was good and nicely cooked and the service was also good.We preferred to have the dinner outside in the hotel eating space and it was warm and nice.After a heavy dinner we retired to our rooms.Oh i forgot to mention the rooms were excellent, neat, tidy and had all the basic things required.

After two days of nice and rejuvenating holidays we packed our bags to come back to the city life. But the trip will always remain in the memories and hopefully when we go next time the king of jungle would be willing to meet us . If you want a weekend getaway in peace and in nature's company dont think twice, head off to Sariska tiger camp for the experience.