Amravathi is the state capital for bifurcated Andhra pradesh. It's in the equi distant to the two great business hubs Guntur and Vijayawada in Andhra pradesh.

Though the capital city name is Amravathi, all the political, business all types of transactions would happen from Vijayawada place only. it's been a political capital before the state gets bifurcated.

Vijayawada, is one of the best tourist and pilgrimage spot in Andhra pradesh. Mother Godess Kanaka Durgamma Devi temple is situated in Vijayawada, on the side of the river krishna banks. Kanaka Durgamma Devi is one of the avatar of shakti mata. The temple has situated at exactly on the mountain indrakiladri. It's very famous mountain and it's been discussing from the time of Dwaparayugam, where at that time Arjuna had performed tapas and impressed Lord Shiva.