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My thirst of visiting Darjeeling and Sikkim was ended when a 'no' turned into an unexpected 'yes' from my father. The bags were packed, tickets were booked, I was going to visit my planned destinations in an unplanned way.On the day of the travel, I was lost in some thoughts, waiting for my train. Then suddenly I heard a noise, which completely eliminated off my thoughts. I turned towards the direction of the sound and saw the train rushing up towards me and it stopped. There was a chaos, people pushing each other to board and alight the train and I was just standing on the platform looking at my compartment blankly. It was a dream for me, an unreal situation and then a man came and pushed me by saying " Hey bro!! You don't wanna go?" I was back to the reality, thanks to that kick though.A 30 hours of journey from Hyderabad to Kolkata was a memorable one as I was crossing 4 states to reach my destination. Every 100 km the language kept changing, the culture kept changing, the people kept changing, the view also kept changing from rice fields, to rivers, to sea and then to small small villages. After a couple of hours the train slow downed, I could see red bricks houses, people using rickshaw as a mode of transport, women wearing the white and red sari, I did realized that Kolkata wasn't far. The train kept changing its tracks and at the end it gave a backward jerk. The coolie started coming up, people started getting down and the same person, who pushed me in the start, came up again to me and said "Hey bro!! You don't wanna get down? Howrah station is here...." I felt weird for a moment, because this man only appeared to tell me to board and alight the train and then vanished. Weird.........

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