Lepakshi temple - The lost jewel #bestoftravel

Day 1

... the lost jewel which needs some serious thought of renovation by the Government

Photo of Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh, India by Avanthika Musipatla

Beneath its paintings and carvings, one can find deep history hidden from all the way through Mahabharata period. Although, the tourism department is working on the signboards, awareness campaigns etc., the real challenge lies in maintaining the temple premises and preserving the architecture. The temple has got deep roots of history with multiple points of interest. Its mural paintings depict the royal style of Vijayanagara kings with brief inscriptions in Kannada language. The architectural style is imbibed in detail as the carvings surface on almost every pillar of the temple. One of the pillars in the temple has carvings of Lord Shiva in his fourteen avatars.

Although it's Veerabhadra Swamy temple, the place also brings us closer to ....architecture, wonders and miracles. To get a better view of the temple without any crowd, visiting early in the morning is an ideal option.

Photo of Lepakshi temple - The lost jewel #bestoftravel by Avanthika Musipatla
Photo of Lepakshi temple - The lost jewel #bestoftravel by Avanthika Musipatla

The temple is 140 odd kms away from Bangalore and it falls in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. On the way to the temple, about 200 meters away, one comes across a huge Nandi (bull) which is built from a single rock. It is believed to be said that, the day the Nandi utters a word; it’d be the end of the world.


Though there are many stories around the history of the temple such as details pertaining to who built it and the adversities faced by the workers during the construction, I suggest one to do little homework before visiting the place which could avoid appointing a tourist guide. One can find complete information on the history of the temple and its surroundings on the Internet. The priest of the temple was also considerate to explain the story of the temple in detail in multiple languages.

Hanging pillar – Didn’t I say India is a place of miracles and mysteries? It truly is. A mysterious pillar is hung in the air without any support from the ground. Slide a paper or a note, it’s guaranteed that one can pull it out from the other side of the pillar. Spend some time, look closely; one will be astonished at the mystery of it.

Giant Footprint – There are speculations around a giant footprint in the temple premises. Few believe it to be of Lord Hanuman’s and few think it is of Sita’s. An astonishing fact besides the footprint itself is that, there is always fresh water restored in the toe of the giant foot. It is to be noted that all the speculations are based on different versions and there is no evidence for any of the sources. However, it doesn’t take out the fun in paying a visit and by having an experience in real.

The paintings and the architecture each tell us a story of the history of Mahabharata & Ramayana period. Further inside the temple, Lord Shiva’s Linga is seen consorted under a large serpent on a huge boulder. At the rear end, one can spot carvings of Lord Ganesha on a single rock.

Photo of Lepakshi temple - The lost jewel #bestoftravel by Avanthika Musipatla

A visit to this marvel should be on everyone’s wish list. It certainly won’t be a disappointment.